Summer. Song. Festival
  In a nutshell: Fizzarum, EXIT Project, Crimson Butterfly, ethnic and electronic music, theatre of fire, dance workshops, yoga classes Established, including the name, the tradition, the festival WAFEst this…

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Holiday menu. How to prepare meals for the holiday?
  Organization of festive events and assumes a festive menu: original recipes of dishes will allow you to make a spectacular holiday menu at home. Before you start cooking, evaluate…

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Rio de Janeiro carnival starts

Traditionally carnival is preceded by a humorous procession through the streets of the city, during which the King Momo is one of the most obese residents Rio sits on the throne. The king is chosen from among the applicants, the weight of which must be at least 100 kg. In the final procession the mayor symbolically hands over the keys to the King from the city, which he will rule for 6 days.

Friday carnival day will be entirely dedicated to children. 30 thousand young participants from 16 children’s Samba schools at municipal schools will showcase their skills. And on Saturday they will be replaced by 1 thousand 800 representatives of the older generation, the majority of participants over 60 years.

The climax of the carnival will be competition 14 best Samba schools, which will be held on Sunday, RIA Novosti reported.

Each of the Samba schools “League” puts into the preparation for the carnival on average about million, spends on making costumes and decorations up to 40 tons of pressed paper, 80 thousand meters of fabric, 6 thousand liters of paint, and a ton of glue, nails, polypropylene and fire-prevention impregnation.

In Moscow will be held the evening of memory of Bjornstjerne the Heavier

Moscow Library named Dante and the Norwegian Embassy in the Russian Federation are invited on November 19 musical and poetic evening devoted to the life and work of the famous poet and playwright from the North country, the Nobel prize Bjornstjerne the Heavier.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of his death. As part of the concert will feature excerpts from works by Heavier, the songs on his poems performed by musicians from the Grieg Society. Professor of Philology will give a lecture about the life and work of the writer”. Musicians from the Edvard Grieg Society invited not by accident. Norwegian composer and conductor wrote in the late 19th century, dozens of songs based on the works of the Heavier. In Russia are familiar with the plays of the author of “Glove”, “Geography and love” novels “Synnøve Solbakken”, “Arne”, report “Izvestia”.

For the Norwegians the figure of the Heavier over the last century is truly symbolic meaning — the spiritual leader, who devoted his life to the struggle for political independence of the people, for cultural self-determination of the nation.

American Cynthia “jazz” will give a concert in Russia

American vocalist Cynthia Sanders, known in the music world as Cynthia jazz, will perform this week in Russia. The concerts will be held from 18 to 20 November in the Moscow club “Union of composers”.

A native of Florida Sanders studied vocal skills at Bethune-Cookman College in Daytona beach, located on the Atlantic coast. It is known that the first of many professional jazz groups with whom she had to act, began October Road. Jazz career has allowed the singer to visit concerts in many countries: USA, UK, Italy, France, Switzerland, the Philippines and Thailand. This soulful, brilliant jazz singer brings calm the soul and inspires a thirst for life to anyone who listens to her

According to the producer of her debut album “Love Glow”, “Cynthia has a beautiful voice, which covers the styles of the past, present and even future. She is also a wonderful songwriter.” Current speech in Russia will be for Cynthia jazz first. In Moscow the company vociferous African American will be a famous Russian musician Oleg Kireyev with his jazz band.