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Spring Events in Lviv. March, April, may


You will get acquainted with the most interesting of the Lviv coffee houses and pastry shops, visit the famous chocolate Shop, and, of course, stroll through the medieval streets of this city and get in touch with its history.

With the arrival of spring in Lviv, rested a bit after the holidays. with new inspiration welcomes its guests. And none of them is disappointed with the reception. Tourist activities for tourists and guests of the city are so diverse that can satisfy everyone. Among the main events of the spring in Lviv – “the Batyar’s Day” and Easter, various festivals and holidays. Learn more about with all the spring events, use the calendar of events in Lviv, which can be found on the website of travel Agency Bee travel.

Studying the calendar of events in Lviv on March. you will find numerous action under the Shevchenko days, the celebration of Women’s Day and so on. Dandies and segala going to Lviv, in the Billboard March 2014 will attract the “Lviv Fashion Week” – spring Fashion Week. And feminists and just self-confident women and girls in the calendar of events in Lviv for March 2014 select the “Rally’an”. This unique competition will give them the opportunity to see their abilities and knowledge. What events in Lviv in March 2014 you are not interested, to diversify participation in them will rest on the open areas cozy Lviv cafes and restaurants that have already made tables and sofas.

If you decided to go into the tourist capital of the country in the middle of spring, examine the calendar of events in Lviv on April. It will be interesting to visit the ancient city during the festival of street dance “rhythm”. If you are a lover of reading and taught him their children, among all the events in Lviv in April 2014 you choose, of course, the only Ukrainian children’s reading festival. Tourists who were upset that were not at the opening of fashion Week, because were not able to arrive in Lviv, in the playbill April 2014 happy to see that you can get to the closing days of the “Lviv Fashion Week”. Calendar of events in Lviv April 2014 differs from the previous year because of the shift of the Easter celebration, but at the end of the month it will be already possible to see some Easter fun.

Traditionally a long weekend for the may holidays many tourists try to hold in Lviv. While the ancient city is going to meet and entertain thousands of guests, so in the calendar of events in Lviv on may many events. Those who are going in the beginning of the month in Lviv, the poster for may 2014 will attract ethnographic festival «Big gavca”, which will be held exhibitions, concerts and other activities dedicated to Easter. Holiday «the Batyar’s Day” is one of the city’s major events in Lviv on may 2014, attracting many tourists. Fans of event tourism in the calendar of events in Lviv on may 2014 are also various festivals (the”Weathercocks of Lviv”, “Leopolis Grand Prix”, etc.).

Use the invitation Bee travel and visit Lviv in the spring, numerous tourist events this time of year can greatly diversify your trip.

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