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The Most unusual holidays


People love the holidays. The people are different. Holidays too… In this article we will tell You about the most unusual festivals that exist on our wonderful planet.

Monkey Banquet in Thailand

According to ancient legend, the God Rama gave my friend the monkey king Hanuman land on which is located the city of Lopburi. The monkey king along with his army has won the war and protect their lands. Monkeys in Lopburi are a living legend and main attraction of the city, attracting many tourists from all over the world.

Every year on the last Sunday of November for the monkeys in this town arrange a luxury Banquet. Animal a huge table covered with fruits and vegetables. Thus, residents thank the monkeys for their exploits.

Tomato fight in Spain

La Batalla del Tomate — the annual tomato festival dedicated to the departing flight, which is held in the last week of August.

Like all holidays in Spain Tomato festival is held with music, dancing, fireworks and free refreshments. At the end of the celebration in the Central square tomato fight is held.

The square take out twenty-five-ton trucks, brim full of ripe tomatoes. Immediately place the meter pole, thickly smeared with soap, and the top fastens jamon and until someone gets to the top, and not taking the smoked ham, the feast begins. Usually, spending about an hour, the most skilled participant still gets his prize.

At 11 o’clock firecracker explodes, launched from the roof of city hall. The truck open up the side, generously throwing out on the pavement a large number of tomatoes. Festival participants rushing for shells, and start flinging them in all directions. On the pavement are flowing course of the river. During bacchanalia is closed almost all the public places, and the Windows are hung plastic shutters. Two hours later, the second explodes a firecracker that signals the end of the battle, and all participants are moved to a huge pool of tomato juice.

After such battles painted in red house and the participants are washed, and a few days continues the last festival of this season.

The feast of chickens in America

This holiday is devoted to chickens and is celebrated every summer in the U.S. state of Nebraska. Men dressed as chickens are in chicken show. During the event, held competitions in speed eating chicken wings.

Of hadak Matsuri in Japan

This is one of the most unusual and popular festivals in Japan. On the third Saturday of February Japanese men aged 23 to 43 years go in some loincloths and drink sake. Thus, they purify themselves from problems and troubles.

In Japan it is believed that the cold is not only strengthens the body but also purifies the soul. In festive procession of the crowd of naked men goes to the temple of Saidaiji where arranged fights and pouring ice water. At midnight the priests of the temple are thrown into the crowd several sacred amulets that bring a lot of luck for the next year.

Around the world marked the most unusual and amazing parties that differ not only by content, but also its name:

• International thank you day

• International hug day

• Groundhog day

• Day of spontaneous acts of kindness

• Cat day in Russia

• International day of PI

• World day of blondes

• European neighbours day

• International kissing day

• World chocolate day

• Traffic light day

• International lefthanders day

• Faceted glass day

• Birthday “Smiley”

• International day follow the pirates

This is not a complete list of amazing and unique holidays celebrated by different Nations in different countries of the world.