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The Most interesting summer festivals of classical music


Summer offers there is an abundance of legendary festivals of music that allow neophytes and connoisseurs to enjoy lunch outdoors in scenic locations and listening to the best musical performances of the year.

International digest The Financialist made the announcement of the most exciting musical events of the summer of 2013: from jazz big bands to complex operas.

1. RAVINIA debuts, highland Park III, Chicago, USA

6 June – 15 September

This year at the festival on July 16 will be the Brooklin Ryder -a group of new York musicians who have attracted the attention of connoisseurs of music, embodying a new approach to the formation of a classical string Quartet.

2. Opera festival “the arena di Verona”, Verona, Italy

13 June – 7 September

The main event of the festival is the annual staging of “Aida” Giacomo Puccini in the ancient Roman amphitheater, which seats 30,000 spectators.

3. Music festival, Tanglewood, Lennox, Massachusetts, WITH SHA

June 21 – September 1

Despite the classical origins of the festival, the organizers do not stand apart from the modern trends.

For example, on 22 June, the festival in the Berkshire Symphony will take the reincarnation of the leader of the legendary band Greatful Dead Jerry Garcia.

And those listeners who prefer classical works, can enjoy Mahler, Tchaikovsky and Haydn.

4. The festival at the Opera house Santa Fe, Santa Fe, new Mexico

28 July – 24 August

Opera in the open air “Crosby” demonstrates how classical operas, and modern. This year, July 27, there will be the premiere of the Opera “Oscar”, the libretto of which is based on the biography of British writer Oscar Wilde.

5. Umbra -Jazz -13, Perguia, Italy

July 5 – July 14

For the past thirty years, the Umbra-jazz takes the best jazz performers from around the world. This year, July 6 here solo performance will delight the legendary master of the saxophone Sonny Rollins.

6. The jazz-à-Juan, Juan-Les-Pins, France

12 July – 21 July

Proof of the eternal love of France to jazz is this festival on the beach that attracts these masters of their genre. Saxophonist and composer Wayne shorter has to play with his eponymous Quartet July 16.

7. International piano festival in La Roque d’antheron, France

20 July – 20 August

During the month the festival offers piano concerts in the most magical and unusual places of Provence, including the monastery of Abbey Silvacane. where this year will play the piano sonatas of Beethoven.

8. Festival Of Bayreuther, Bayreuth, Germany

25 July – 28 August

This year the festival is planned to put the full version of Wagner’s Opera “the ring of the Nibelung”. This masterpiece is the hallmark of the festival.

9. Summer Lucerne festival, Lucerne, Switzerland

16 August – 15 September

Famous conductor Claudio Abbado leads the orchestra of the festival, which play members of such illustrious ensembles as the Berlin Philharmonic and London Symphony orchestras.

10. Music festival Moab, Moab, Utah

29 August – 9 September

This year’s music festival in Moab is a concert of Anton Arensky “Piano quintet in D – Major” homage “seasons” Vivaldi Argentine musician Astor Piazzola.

11. Jazz festival in Monterey, Monterey, California, USA

September 20 – September 22

This annual two-day festival attracts more than 50 different musicians. Twenty-first of September English bassist Dave Holland, who played with miles Davis, playing with his new band Prism.

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