The Most unusual festivals of the world
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About the festival Odessa JazzFest
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Unusual birthday is the best holiday!


We all know that people are good at remembering the events that evoke a certain flurry of emotions: positive or negative.

Therefore, if a birthday to celebrate in the usual situation, then he does not even recall, and if it is to celebrate the unusual, bright, not so, as always, some memories will remain for a lifetime.

I was born in late January. Options for selecting the venue of the festival is not very much.

It may be some kind of entertainment complex, café, bar, restaurant or home, in General the room. Picnic schedule, wouldn’t want that, as it depends entirely on the weather.

But, it appears, in the harsh winter time you can add variety to any event.

Will tell You how I celebrated my twentieth anniversary. Honestly, it was an unusual birthday .

Although, it all started traditionally. I decided to celebrate at home. Invited guests, was the menu, bought all the necessary and began the celebration.

I want to mention that my birthday was on the street this winter: snow, slight frost in the air circling snowflakes.

Friends came, said a lot of beautiful, nice words, gave them presents and we began to celebrate the holiday.

Having drunk some glasses of wine and tasting various delicacies, we decided: “why not go outside and go sledding?”. This idea everyone loved, it was unanimously supported by friends, and we picked up the familiar right amount sledges, went to the arboretum.

Why in the arboretum? Because there are very nice. This area of the arboretum, designed for public recreation.

In addition to the sleds we quickly gathered everything you need for a picnic, well that one was the binding of firewood.

The only was to get to the destination? On the way we clung to all the high hills, played in the snow.

But when got to the arboretum, were simply amazed at its extraordinary beauty. It was the beauty of purity, silence, sleep and standby. The entire Park was covered in fluffy, white snow that sparkled in the sunlight shining between the branches of the trees.

If the arboretum in the summer from morning to evening is full of bird voices, the buzzing of bees, the rustling, rustling, squeaking mosquitoes, in the winter we met a full of mysterious silence. Only from time to time was heard the crackling of tree trunks under the influence of frost.

And what fresh air: breathe it and do not inhale.

Winter Park is a beauty that is hard to describe in words. Under the trees are large drifts. Over the footpaths unusual lace arches bent the branches of bushes and the trunks of young trees under the weight of frost.

Winter has dressed the trees in snow coats and hats, only the tops of the trees were decorated with garlands of pine cones.

Until we got to the Park and enjoyed the beauty of it, all my friends are hungry.

In a special place, we kindled a fire and covered a makeshift table. Interestingly, no one was cold and sad, all enjoyed the stay and shared emotions. In such unusual circumstances and we continued the celebration.

A little refreshed, we again went sledding, played in the snow and even made a big snowman, who remained to guard the peace of the Park after we left.

The return trip was also very intense. We were pulling each other on sleds, and, despite all his fatigue, was really happy and had fun. But what is most interesting is that no one even thought of the age, we just frolicked like children. And now when meeting, always remember this unusual birthday .

Frankly, the next day, even, from habit, muscles ached, but that didn’t stop me with joy and a smile on his face again and again to restore the image of the past rest.

It was the best holiday: plenty of congratulations, gifts, good friends and all this in harmony with nature!

Here’s a really warm story happened among the spring.