The Most unusual holidays
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Fasnacht in Basel, or carnival in Switzerland
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The Association “Russian Tradition”


“…Undeclared aesthetic ideal of the Association — the integrity of the diverse pattern of existence, contrasting and contradictory, but with the adamant assertion of the value of life. Life, in which after the twentieth century-“wolfhound” Russia needs to avoid accidents. And to achieve this, may God give strength to all of us!”

Alexander G. Epishin,

member of the UK SPb,

“…in addition to aggressive hooligan “national-Bolshevik” nationalism is healthy enlightened the Slavic nationalism, based on respect for traditions, a healthy physical and spiritual life, friendship and mutual assistance.”

the newspaper “Russian case”

“…Joining in one of the festival’s stream of adults and children on stage, professionals and Amateurs, the organizers all have the same high artistic standards. As a result, the audience of this festival sometimes get this level of performance, which will be envied by the most prestigious halls of the world.”

Igor Usoltsev,

the newspaper “New Petersburg”

“In our time, when from lack of money, neglect and inattention of the authorities of the universal cultural degradation and social apathy one after the other cultural projects are minimized, reduced or reoriented to increasing commercialization, this festival is growing, growing, growing the number of participants and number of shares. And it undoubtedly can be attributed to miracles. Small wonders autumn St. Petersburg.”

Valentin Filatov,


Summing up the festival, it is impossible to refrain from superlatives. All were in abundance. And artistic impressions, and resentment at the lack of advertising and information, and joy for the creativity of children and adults, and sorrow to indifference on the part of journalists.

Valentine Pukhov.

The newspaper “Music review”

Festival “Petersburg Autumn” — the result of asceticism talented, care about the fate of the national culture of the people. Combining the creativity of adults and children, professionals and Amateurs, he confronts the lack of spirituality and immorality, and therefore it is necessary today’s audience.

Alla Nikitina

Director DSHI them.M.And.Glinka

The festival of Russian art “Petersburg Autumn” is unique.

With the first concert on 3 November 2002 in the Museum-apartment of A. S. Pushkin at the Sink he brought together children and adults, professionals and Amateurs under the banner of the enduring Russian Tradition, understood as durable alloy of academic and domestic, elite and mass.

And this principle festival does not change. In concerts and exhibitions, literary events and film screenings, performances and discussions, the festival was attended by the Concert choir of the Theatre. Mussorgsky, conducted by V. Stolpovskaya and Youth chamber orchestra “Baltica” under the direction of P. Smelkov, Amateur Symphony orchestra of the House of Scientists and Female choir “April” Children’s theatre “Wonderland” from Vologda and ethnographic ensemble “farm” Nevsky concert orchestra and the Ensemble, the Academy of young singers of the Mariinsky Theatre and the Russian horn orchestra, poets and bards, actors of theatre and cinema, beginners and veteran…

In different years festival poster was decorated with the names of foreign visitors M. Fabia (Poland) and young pianist J. simovich (Germany).

Eminent musicians, such as people’s artist of Uzbekistan and Ukraine, Professor G. Hamadanian or Honoured artist of Russia T. Sharova were near beginners.

The festival gave the audience great things — and it premieres of musical works, films, and exhibitions were not previously known to the Petersburg public artists, and acquaintance with the works of forgotten masters of Russian classics.

Stronger connection, “Petersburg Autumn” with Russian regions. Participants in the festival programs were guests from Moscow and Tver, Yaransk Kirov and Leningrad region and Karelia.

The organizers plan to establish relations with the Russian Diaspora.

And it seems that the portrait gallery of those who care about the fate of Russian culture in the twenty-first century, will only grow new and beautiful faces.