Carnivals around the world
  Carnival season in Europe, North America and Latin America is in full swing. Carnivals usually start about a month before lent and praise the arrival of spring. The woman…

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Annual Oyster Festival in Ireland
  Leave at the end of September? No reason to despair, but to do so, as those who of otpravilsja Ireland, on the West coast, in Galway. It is here…

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Unusual festivals in America


America is an amazing country that combines many different cultures and nationalities. Needless to say, it is rather strange and original holidays and festivals that are celebrated or across the country at once or in any particular state. Someone they may seem silly, but someone really interesting and worthwhile.

For example, at the end of may there is an unusual competition in Austin, Texas, where the adversaries are not professional athletes and Amateurs, and the usual…wits who mock the interlocutor and make a joke in any situation. Participants in it typically thirty-two, and each of them will have to win another in various categories. The answers always have to be funny and original, and not to contain absolute nonsense. The winner will receive the title of best humorist and calabardina and a special prize. In this competition as there is a charity auction, the money from which will go to a special Fund to support the local Museum; as well as the book fair, the money from which will be donated to the O. Henry Museum.

Schedule of passing of this competition can always be found at the official website of the O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships. you can also find photos from previous events.

Later in California, the city of Coalinga, is another festival, dedicated to…the lizards. The festival itself is preparing quite a number of dishes, and while you all try them, you will have the unique opportunity to watch races among lizards – they run or in a circle or along a straight track. As there is unusual competition for firefighters – they are delivered with a hose and a bucket filled to the brim with cement. The goal is to push it as far as possible only using jets of water. Locals and tourists have the opportunity to play softball and spend time.

But in early June on the scene another state – Missouri, which is a very unusual festival dedicated to mountain oysters. In the taste preferences of the residents not to blame – they are brave enough to take part in this festival and competition eating themselves “mountain oysters”. If you want to show off their abilities, then know that in this country, such a beautiful name called…and Turkey sex glands. What lost the desire? But to observe this is quite possible, and it looks not as scary as it seems. But there is a similar festival held in Montana, so residents Oleana can’t consider yourself alone in this unusual culinary preference.

The end of June will be brightened up next festival in Luling, Texas, devoted to watermelons. That’s really here just to compete in the destruction of the perpetrators of the festival of speed, and those who like to spit, it can try yourself in this competition as “spitting seeds”. Needless to say, will win the one whose seed will fly the farthest. A number of contests associated with watermelons, here is just amazing. In the end you can look at the huge watermelons that local farmers will bring to the festival they will be given a special award.

The official site where you can see the schedule of holiday – Thump

Brooklyn not far behind – lovers of the sea and fantasy can take part in the mermaid parade, where you can join people, guy was all tricked out in costumes of characters from movies and cartoons related to the sea. Costumes are always bright, and the air felt the smell of the sea. Musicians on large platforms, become rare and antique cars, the cries of gulls over the city…and the head the festival, which more than a quarter century, remains the king of the sea Neptune and the young Princess-the little Mermaid.