The Most interesting summer festivals of classical music
  Summer offers there is an abundance of legendary festivals of music that allow neophytes and connoisseurs to enjoy lunch outdoors in scenic locations and listening to the best musical…

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The Most unusual holidays
  People love the holidays. The people are different. Holidays too... In this article we will tell You about the most unusual festivals that exist on our wonderful planet. Monkey…

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November: the most interesting festivals in Europe


Here for over 400 years in England, November 5 is celebrated guy Fawkes Night. The history of this holiday is connected with the disclosure of the conspiracy of the Catholics who wanted to blow up the houses of Parliament, in that day when he had to visit king James I.

On this day, ceremonial dinners, invited guests, and the culmination of the festival are the burning of effigies of guy Fawkes, one of the participants in the conspiracy, burning all night bonfires and fireworks.

Jazz festivals

6-14 November, Nevers; 6-20 November, Strasbourg, France

The most famous French jazz festivals will be held in November in Strasbourg and Nevers. On neverson festival, which will take place in the 23rd time, you should expect several daily concerts with participation of world stars of jazz. The Strasbourg festival Jazz d’or a year older festival in Nevers. Its main feature is that it involved a renowned international team of jazz musicians.

Blues festival

5-15 November, Luzern, Switzerland

In Lucerne, Switzerland in early November will be held the 15th international Blues festival, which will be attended by prominent jazz and Blues musicians from Italy, Germany, USA, Switzerland and Greece, etc. The performances will take place not only on the main stage at the Grand Casino, but in small cafes and restaurants in the city.

The night of St. Martin and the opening of the carnival season

November 11, Cologne, düsseldorf, Hamburg and other German cities

Evening celebrations on the streets of Cologne

The night of St. Martin in Germany is the latest noisy fiery feast before the advent. Each city has its own tradition of the event. On the same day, November 11 at exactly 11 hours and 11 minutes in Cologne Carnival officially opened the season. Carnival in Cologne is one of the largest street festivals in Europe. The city seems to fill all the inhabitants in costumes. The holiday is accompanied by dancing, music in the local bars, lots of beer.

Christmas markets

14 November – 24 December, Vienna, Salzburg and other cities, Austria

From mid-November in many Austrian cities Christmas fairs. In Vienna this fair is held in the centre on town hall square (Rathausplatz), in Salzburg around the Cathedral. Visitors are offered a variety of Christmas gifts, toys, candles, lanterns, ceramics and glass, sweets, Handicrafts. Are fair from 9 am to 9 PM.

The Cannabis Cup Festival

22-26 November, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The celebration of the festival in 2006

In the last decade of November in Amsterdam takes place one of a kind traditional festival Cannabis Cup festival products made of hemp. Festival visitors will be able to purchase Smoking accessories, jewelry, hats and clothing made from hemp fibres. Also at the festival Cannabis Cup hosts exhibitions of avant-garde artists and concerts of rock music.

Christkindlesmarkt Christmas market

The most famous German Christmas market takes place in Nuremberg and traditionally takes place during the four weeks before Christmas. The Central square is going to a crowd of thousands, with anticipation of watching the opening ceremony, held in Notre Dame Church. First children’s choir singing Christmas songs, and then “the child of Christ” (Christkind) reads your traditional Nuremberg verse at the end of which he announced the next market open. And then the most delicious mulled wine, Nuremberg gingerbread and Bavarian sausages, all available for your enjoyment as much as four weeks. Lots of Goodies, gifts and great Christmas music, the aroma of mulled wine and more than two million tourists make the holiday a memorable one.