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Fasnacht in Basel, or carnival in Switzerland


The end of February and beginning of March – a time of carnivals in Switzerland. The best-known – the carnival in Lucerne and Basel. Unfortunately, this year at the carnival in Lucerne, we have not got.

Carnival (or Fasnacht) in Basel lasts 3 days and takes place a little later than in other cities of Switzerland. The two main festive procession held on the first and last days of the carnival and start at 13:30. This year they were on Monday and Wednesday(March 2 and 4). One of them we saw.

The protagonists Fasnacht – carnival clique (Clique). Each clique (the company) develops the concept of self-appearance on Fasnacht, sew costumes and make masks and perform in the carnival marches a few months….

The motive for the creation of some costumes may be important for the Basel city news, political scandal in the world “stars”  etc, etc.

This big yellow guy remind you of anybody?

Rabbits-mutants with a huge pink ears and stereotyped vengeance trumpeting about the issue of genetically modified foods.

The squad “old aunts” vigorously marches on the streets of Basel.

To become a participant of the procession can only Bassler – resident of Basel.

Unlucky with the place of birth becomes a spectator 🙂

Preparations for the carnival – not cheap, and therefore to at least partially recoup the costs, the organizers released the medals/badges for the audience (Opel Corsa) with the logo Fasnacht.

And produced medals of different kinds for every taste, color and purse: copper (8 CHF), silver (15CHF), gold (45CHF) and Bijou (100 CHF).

This year, here were these medals:

We also made their own contribution by purchasing two silver medals in memory of the Basel Fasnacht – 2009.

Old Bonhomme – the seller of medals-Opel Corsa .

Very important participants of the festive procession – “Guggemusik” (Guggemuusige). Amateur orchestras are on the streets, musicia different instruments, usually, it’s Piccolo, flute and drums.

Sometimes in the role of a musical instrument stands canister 🙂

Equally important, participants Fasnacht – Vaggi (Waggi). The characters in the huge multi-coloured shaggy wigs, wooden shoes, masks with huge  and undernote noses around in the van, scattering sweets, fruits, vegetables, drinks, toys, Souvenirs and flowers.

This is a parody of the neighbors liked this film “yore”. Once the stand was known, arriving at the Basel fair,  behaved with arrogance and defiant – they turned up their nose, and bakery over them scoffed in response.

But there are Vaggi.

Zealous Swiss old woman for an hour or two manage to gather/to beg the whole shopping bags of carnival treats. We had no experience in this business, so we only got 5 oranges, a few candies and a sprig of Mimosa (acacia silver).

Waggy constantly make fun of and bully the audience. For example, beckons viewers various Goodies, but it should lend a hand, as pounds of confetti rain down on the victim. This happens most often with those who have no fancy icon.

And though I have was a badge on the jacket, I also “got” 🙂

Each clique has performed his tune.

When the company met, we tried “replay” each other – different melodies turned into oglushitelnye cacophony.

After the procession, all the streets are covered with confetti.  Small participants of the carnival tired of noisy celebration, placed right on the sidewalk and fall asleep with a half-eaten sausage in hand 🙂

And we’re going home! An hour and a half on the road  and we are at home. Only colored confetti in our hair and clothing, fragrant oranges and yellow fluffy sprigs remind of fun and beautiful holiday – Fasnacht in Basel.

Good mood and a positive attitude!