Summer. Song. Festival
  In a nutshell: Fizzarum, EXIT Project, Crimson Butterfly, ethnic and electronic music, theatre of fire, dance workshops, yoga classes Established, including the name, the tradition, the festival WAFEst this…

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About the festival
  Distinctive features of the Voronezh region among other regions of Russia are privileged geographic location, world famous unique soil — black, high-tech industrial production, a large number of reputable…

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The Most unusual site for music festivals


Live music concert — the phenomenon itself is wonderful, makes hearts of thousands of people to beat synchronously in time with the music. Seemingly, nothing better than open-air festivals and multi-day festivals, outdoor music industry just cannot offer, and there it was! Scattered around the world original concert venues offer artists a unique natural, technological or architectural decorations of their performances and the audience — the atmosphere of a different reality. Here are 15 of the most unusual places on earth where regular music and exploding templates.

The floating stage of the Bregenz festival, Austria

Bregenz festival annually attracts tens of thousands of spectators from July to August were only one line-UPS, but also the magnificent scenery of the stage, equipped above the water surface.

SteelStacks on stellitano enterprise, PA

Permanent same scenery of this area are monumental metallurgical plant closed Bethlehem Steel company in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Metal from the stage SteelStacks, should be, sounds quite atmospheric.

The théâtre Antique d’orange in France

This amphitheater was named after the location in the French city of orange. The building, dated to the first century, UNESCO world heritage site.

Amphitheater Dalhalla in Sweden

From June to September each year is not empty and the scene of this platform in Rättvik. Fit the musical needs of a former limestone quarry invites its guests to go down to 60 meters below the level of the surrounding forests, to experience the full depth of sound.

Red Rocks in Colorado

Natural amphitheatre in Morrison, formed by tectonic shifts, was slightly modified by man, to open to visitors stunning views of the Rocky mountains.

Antico di Taormina in Italy

Since 1983, in the ancient theatre, built in the VII century BC in Taormina, regularly hosts concerts, theatrical performances and film screenings.

The house of Blues in the temple, Atlanta, GA

Religious building from 1910, after 86 years, was converted into a House of Blues just in time for the Olympic games in the city of centennial, Georgia, and remained a popular venue for musical concerts.

Theatre in the gorge, Washington

This site is able to accommodate about 27 500 spectators, each of which are available in stunning views of the Columbia river and the homonymous gorge in Washington state.

Playground in the Ideal Palace of the postman Cheval, France

33 years Ferdinand Cheval, the ordinary postman French Department of Drôme, collected during the daily 25-km job routes unusual stones and built of them alone your Perfect Palace. Later the building became a masterpiece of naive architecture, and now a place for regular musical performances, ustraivaemyi here in June and July.

Nikon at Jones beach, new York

The popularity of this beach are not only water, sand and sun, but modern Jones Beach Theater, music venue Nikon which is located at the edge of the shoreline. In the period July to September ustraivajutsja concerts, which have become Jimmy Buffett, Nine Inch Nails and Neil young.

The Church Ermita de La Santa Cruz in Guatemala

Ancient Church in Antigua built in 1664, was badly battered by several earthquakes, but rebuilt in 1973. Since then, regular performances of Opera singers and ballet companies have added various music festivals.

The Cave Of Saint Michael, Gibraltar

Izvestkovyy walls of this underground cave in Gibraltar reserve can accommodate up to 400 spectators that creates the right atmosphere of intimacy.

Fort Punta Christo in Croatia

Pula, the Croatian city which houses Punta Cristo, was once the largest Fort in Europe. Now in the buildings of the XIX century are festivals like Dimensions in Outlook in August and September. You still have time for both.

Ancestral castle in Ireland

In a patrimonial Jack Slane Castle family Coningham, located in the Irish County of Meath, the music started back in 1981. Since then, the concerts took place there world stars: Bob Dylan, Queen, the Rolling Stones and David Bowie.

Volcanic halls in Tennessee

Nature itself took care of the stunning acoustic characteristics of Bluegrass Underground, underground room in Cumberland caverns, Tennessee. Well, the man just could not pass by, putting on stream the concerts to 100-meter depth.