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Flower Festival in Thailand


Orchestra, the beautiful Queen’s speech, ornate design, market stalls and delicious, spicy street food is only a small part of the Thai celebration of the flower festival in Chiang Mai.

The festival of flowers.

Disagreements and differences divide people into groups and factions of various kinds on the basis of ideology, race, language, politics, language, culture, skin colour and religion. But, there are things over which people in all the Earth do not experience any differences. For example, there is no disagreement about the importance of the sun for life on Earth, or aesthetic value of flowers – beauty, which indicates a universal truth.

Flower festival in Ciag May.

Equally important and often overlooked is the attractiveness, natural beauty, which has a city — particularly in the area of his flower of life.

The location of the town allows you to enjoy a wide variety of plant species. Apart from the fact that the tropical climate is perfect for these flowers, like orchids, highlands and cool winters – ideal conditions for cold weather flowers such as carnations. Although most diverse floral beauty hides in nature, more impressive emphasis is created on the festival of colors.

The legend holiday in Chiang Mai.

For many years, Chiang Mai has become more widely known for their excellent massive floral beauty. According to legend, in ancient times, the city was called “the rose of the North”. Local residents were engaged in planting, and to this day, produces the most beautiful flowers.

The first flower Festival in Thailand was organized in Chiang Mai, in 1977 and was such a success that it made it an annual event.

The giant organization of the festival — a real achievement. Main street is overlap, the long parade stops traffic around the city centre, and a Parking place is almost impossible to find. But no one complains. Thais are amazingly tolerant and patient. In the end, everyone came to town to have a good time, and the flower festival is the highlight of the gardening calendar.

The flower parade or what to see in Chiang Mai on the Sabbath.

This is the best and most important part of the festival. The parade starts on Saturday at 8 am. Colon of embellished designs and beautiful girls moving on the road Charoen Muang, namely from Nawarat bridge to the train station. Watch the video that we filmed on the Sabbath – the end of the festival of flowers.

Design of flowers mounted on trucks, and girls, sitting on the top, with a smile, gracefully waving to the crowd. The parade moves slowly and often stops — this is the best time to take photos.

The beauty of the flowers combined with the creative ingenuity of their location — it is a work of art, requiring much time and attention from its maker. The reward for hard work can be a possible first place in the contest, but, even better, an expression of delight and awe from the onlookers.

A beauty contest.

The second highlight of the festival is a beauty contest. Each participant is dressed in a typical suit, giving visitors and locals a rare opportunity to see the traditional local style of clothing.

For many visitors, this is the most memorable part of Thai floral celebration. After all, visitors are a kind of judges and help to make a choice in the coronation of “Miss festival of flowers”.

The judging of these beauties is held on Saturday afternoon and is a great time in a fabulous setting with tasting cheap food and beer late into the night.

In addition, you can buy garden tools at economical prices. Thais — cheerful people, and giant festivals are one of the great attractions of Thailand.