International Fireworks Festival in Seoul
  International Fireworks Festival in Seoul (Seoul International Firework Festival) – a major cultural event in South Korea, which is held every year in October, since 2000, where the best…

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Venetian Carnival
  About the Venice Carnival was heard by all, and many are even lucky enough to see this wonderful parade, which remains in the memory forever. Fancy dress carnival in…

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Calendar of the traveler: the most interesting festivals around the world next days


Going on a trip, it is always useful to be aware of the latest developments and don’t miss the most interesting of them. Suddenly something will happen right next to you.

February 1 – Toulouse

In Toulouse opened the annual Festival of violets (Toulouse Violet Festival). Violet became the emblem of the city in 1960, when local perfumers and confectioners began to add the petals of violets in their products. Violet perfumes and sweets quickly gained international recognition, and Toulouse became a symbol of violets. In 2003 it was decided to hold the annual Festival of violets, which attracts all the major manufacturers of perfumes, liqueurs and sweets.

At the festival you can admire various species of this beautiful flower, try product manufacturers and participate in various interesting activities.

By festival in Toulouse has much to see in terms of architecture. This is one of the oldest cities in France. Numerous basilicas and monasteries, the beginning of the XI century, are open to visitors and well preserved.

To reach Toulouse by plane. And to stay in one of 170 hotels in the city.

February 5 – Sapporo

The festival of snow sculpture in Sapporo is unusual in that it was founded by the children. In 1950 a group of students built 6 snow figures in Central Park in Sapporo. The locals liked it so that the Park had a snow battles and carnival. The event gathered about 50 000 citizens. Since then, the festival became an annual event. Today this festival is one of the most popular in Japan.

In 1953 it was first built snow figure height of 15 metres — small-scale net. In 1955, the festival was attended by the Japan self-defense forces. In 1959, on the 10th anniversary of the festival, in the manufacture of snow figures was attended by 2,500 people, and the event for the first time told in the media. Since 1960, on the snow festival in Sapporo attracting more and more tourists. In 1972, Sapporo became the capital of the winter Olympics and Snow festival, held this year under the slogan «Welcome to Sapporo!”, became known outside Japan. In 1974 in Japan happened the oil crisis, but Snow festival was held. Due to the shortage of gasoline trucks could not deliver to the venue of the festival is enough snow, and snow was ableplanet empty barrels, which then constructed the snow figure. In the same year was held the first international contest of snow sculpture. Today Snow festival in Sapporo, which lasts 7 days, attracts over two million spectators from around the world.

To reach Sapporo by plane. And to stay — in one of 120 hotels in the city. To visit Japan requires local visa.

February 5 – Hanoi

Festival perfume pagoda (Perfume Pagoda Festival) is held in Vietnam every year and begins on the 6th day of the first month of the lunar calendar. This is the longest holiday in Vietnam. it will last more than two months. Fragrant pagoda (Chùa Hương) is one of the oldest in Vietnam Buddhist shrines. It is located in the province of Hatai. 70 km southwest of Hanoi. Every year three spring months it became the center of pilgrimage for Buddhists from all corners of Vietnam. The pagoda was founded in the XV century. It is not just a pagoda, and a range of mountain and cave temples and tombs, considered to be one of the main historical monuments of Vietnam. In addition to the pilgrims, the pagoda is visited by thousands of tourists.