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Christmas jazz carnival


Guests come with personalized invitations, put them in a vessel for the lottery, get all masks, hats, tinsel.

Plays Lady sax, solo saxophone (an aperitif).

Music support DJ throughout the evening.

Find “Suitcase with dollars” .

First entertainment happening during the collection of people in the lobby, before landing at the table.

In the invitation card, written text: “When you come into the restaurant, without losing a second – look of the man nicknamed the Saxophone, he’s one of ours, he is a Suitcase with dollars, if you find him first, a Suitcase with your dollars. ”

But “a Suitcase with dollars” is at Winchester, closing the chain, consisting of pre-prepared, his own men, who know only one, the next step in the chain:



Drum sticks,

Trombone and Winchester, who is “a Suitcase full of dollars”.

All participants must, by interviewing each other, through the entire chain. Found Winchester, should bring him up on stage and announce his find.

Winchester goes for the money. Guests are invited to the table.

Start the new year jazz carnival.

Brawl mafia, the smoke, the soundtrack of gunfire, screeching brakes, horn, check out guides for children’s bikes with guns, Winchester tries to escape, skirmish, struggle, hard drive take, the money stays in the scene. The guide introduces the audience to the man who first figured out the hard drive. Lucky guy gets the key to the Suitcase with dollars. He helped to find the stolen money, he’s the villain was caught.

“This key is yours now, you helped to find the money, it’s a gift to you in honor of new year’s jazz festival!”

Found the keys to the suitcase, a lot of them.

Should intervene to management.

Congratulation guide.

The decision to play the keys among all the participants of the party. Each winner in the competition gets the key to the case will only fit one.

Jazz is playing from the DJ.

The first, rare, mobile phone.

“Sex, Boxing, jazz brand connected with each other idea and if you after sex you need Boxing or jazz, use mobile phones, we give you a super-cool mobile phone, rare thing, the first mobile phone, it will get the first one to call on the given number. It’s really a hoax, because the winner will receive a complimentary children’s mobile phone, which he calls the famous Crazy Frankie!”

Crazy Frankie appears on the scene and offers to guess which role he is today. A leading voice Frankie, brings to the stage one of the famous members of the firm, which is hidden under a solid suit and mask, his voice also changed. Lead begins to give out to the public about it different information, the audience tries to guess who it is and gives his own version.

Take the latest version and open it …the mystery! Awarded the prize for the winner.

Now let us turn from crazy to Frankie even more crazy things that people do under the influence of sex and jazz.

Nervous request to retire!

Continues the carnival Comic trio (the Trick with the knives, the target is chosen from the audience).

Jazz from DJ. The music and dance.

Boxing matches cushions, standing on chairs blindfolded, you must knock each other off the chair, it is very easy to do, since swinging the pillow, you lose your balance.

The session hangs in the air from the show David Copperfield.

Free music for free people.

Singing under a soundtrack of rap, improvisation, gesture plus speech gon music rap.

The jazz band. While a few people draw jazz, the story or the image of what they hear, and the sound will any well-known Western jazz composition. Completes the carnival, disco, happy jazz, hits, popular music.

Sincerely, the staff of the Agency acutely by the applications run ideas Red perez .