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Greece in September


September in Greece is definitely one of the best months to travel across the country in all respects – the crowds are less, the prices are lower, the weather is slightly cooler, but still generously shares the hot sun and warm sea. If I was planning my trip, I would have chosen exactly September, well, maybe even early October.

Athens or Hellenic festival. including his part in Epidaurus in the past lasted all the way to the end of September, but in 2014 the schedule is shorter, and representations of, respectively, less. But should we be sad: in Greece there are still ancient theatres, and presentation — sometimes outside of any festivals — often continue until the end of the month. Therefore, this issue is yet the fact that all is lost. Nevertheless, going to an outdoor theater, make allowances for the weather — still, summer is over and the evenings can be cool. In the worst case replacement thing can be perfectly applied as bedding, because even ancient Greek marble in the best theater — primarily just a rock.

Sorry we are not bourgeois and live on this side of the Atlantic, because September is the time when many cruise lines move their ships from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean to continue to serve the tourists in the other direction. In order not to drive huge ships idle, many of them offer special rates on impromptu tours of the Mediterranean across the Atlantic. But, again, — it is not for us.

On the main resorts of Greece September — it is a very even seasonal month. Local entertainment program Packed with events to the eyeballs. More about this Grekoblog wrote a separate article Crete in September and Rhodes in September .

Weather conditions

Weather on the mainland: Hot

Weather on the Islands and coast: Warm, light breezes bring refreshing coolness. Cloudy days — a rarity

The average temperature in Athens: 28-35S

The water in the Athens area: 25S

The average temperature in Heraklion: 25-33C

The water in the area of Heraklion: 24C

The average temperature in Thessaloniki: 25-32C

The water in the area of Thessaloniki: 25S

Prices: Moderate. The perfect time to visit. Event:

Most of the local holidays and seasonal tourist attractions to the middle of the month coming to an end

Entertainment and travel:

Until the last decade of collapsing activity in hotels and at tourist attractions is almost imperceptible, except that fewer tourists themselves. However, since the mid of the month in Greece begin light changes in the schedule of tourist routes and schedules of ferries on main areas. As we approach the last days of September of such changes will become more and more, but still collapsing mass tourist routes will come a little later — in October.

Festivals and holidays:

Note: the dates of festivals and other cultural events can vary depending on many factors. If You are planning a trip with reference to a specific event, please double check the date in the official sources. Changes and additions to the list are welcome.

Andros – Festival of choral singing

Santorini, Fira – international music festival

Thessaloniki – Greek Festival songs

It is a Festival of poetry and arts named after Lord Byron

Thessaloniki international trade fair

KOs – wine Festival

Corinth – The Grape Festival

Pydna (near Katerini) – Festival of Grapes

Ambele (near Larissa) – Wine Festival

The first weekend of the month – Karpathos, Amopi – Wine Festival

01.09 – Ecclesiastical New year (does not affect travel)

08.09 – The Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin

16.09-19.09 – The festival in Aegina pistachios