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Holidays and festivals in Ayia NAPA


During the long tourist season in Ayia NAPA organizes various festivals that reflect the customs of the local population, as well as historical, agricultural and cultural traditions of the region.

We offer to your attention in chronological order the major religious and cultural events organized in Ayia NAPA.

“Green Monday”

The holiday goes back to ancient wine festival held in honor of the God Dionysus. People going out in nature, usually in the area of Cape Greco, organizing picnics vegetables, herbs, seafood and wine. The holiday symbolizes the beginning of Lent before Easter.


Part of Easter in the Greek Orthodox Church is the procession of “Epitafios” or Holy Burial, held in the evening of good Friday. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the Church glorifies the resurrection of Christ. Youth igniting huge bonfires in the courtyard of the Church, to burn the effigy of Judas, who betrayed Christ.

On Easter Sunday afternoon service held in the Church of Ayia NAPA, at 12 o’clock, on Seferis square, opposite the monastery festivals. Tourists always try to take part in the celebration. On Bright Monday, the dance group of Cyprus and Greece take part in a gala concert on the square of Seferis.

Water festival “Kataklysmos”

The holiday coincides with the day of Pentecost, a popular religious holiday. Unique beautiful holiday “Kataklysmos” is celebrated only in Cyprus. The municipality of Ayia NAPA organizes performances of folk bands and other activities. The festival gathers artists from all over Cyprus and abroad.

Festival “Ayia NAPA”

Festival “Ayia NAPA” is definitely the most popular and long-awaited holiday in Ayia NAPA and one of the largest events on the island.

The first festival was held in September 1985. Since then it is held annually in the last week of September in Seferis square, opposite the monastery of Ayia NAPA.

This festival reflects the historical, cultural and agricultural traditions of Ayia NAPA and, in General, Cyprus.

Visitors can take part in the customs of the local people, to see local music and dance, as well as in practice, to feel the friendliness and hospitality of the Cypriots.

During this festival in Ayia NAPA attracts thousands of people from all over Cyprus and abroad. The program includes theatrical performances, Opera performances, concerts, performances of folk groups.

The festival is organised and other activities: art exhibitions, photo exhibitions telling about the past and present of Cyprus, as well as exhibitions of shells, butterflies and flowers, exhibition of agricultural products, organized by the Department of agriculture. Are the stalls selling works of applied art and works by local artists.

The friendliness and warmth permeate the atmosphere of the holiday.

In June of each year, the Municipality of Ayia NAPA carries out several activities under the slogan “Music from all over the world.” As part of this festival on Cyprus come known performers from different countries.