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Venetian Carnival


About the Venice Carnival was heard by all, and many are even lucky enough to see this wonderful parade, which remains in the memory forever. Fancy dress carnival in Venice is the most famous in the world, it is associated with gold glitter outfits, with tenderness noble Italian velvet, revealing more of the radiance of gems, with white foam of stunning lace. Venice Carnival is accompanied pouring over numerous canals and bridges sounds amazing music, incessant laughter of the participants of the celebration and, of course, with masks, or rather, with many not similar to each other carnival masks.

Italian celebration of life

On this holiday of life can feel crazy glow true Italian passion, in this sense it is reminiscent of the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Here everything is simple, everything is real, no secular restraint and stiffness, no conventions inherent to the Vienna balls, everyone here plays a role that chooses himself. The Venice carnival is an elegant intrigue that surrounded enthusiasm, adventurism, and all this spiced with a touch of Venetian idleness and drop some of depravity. In some incomprehensible way we managed the atmosphere of the Venetian carnival with its best traditions through the centuries and remain as desirable and interesting to the present day. The most important Fancy dress Masquerade in Italy became known all over the world: here annually attracts about half a million, and sometimes more true fans of the Venetian Carnival. They all crave the feeling of a special, unique atmosphere of the colorful parade, and participate in a costume show, a festive parade and masked ball.

Mask, who are you?

Of course, Italian masks – an indispensable attribute of the heritage of ancient times, the world-famous Venice carnival. Initially the mask was a different image of the gods of paganism, after some time, they were transformed into prototypes of famous heroes Del Arte Italian Comedy is well-known: Pierrot and harlequin and Pantalone and Columbine. These days, in addition to the traditional characters, popular are also other known types. Many Venetian shops for a very affordable price offered to buy a costume or mask such well-known characters: the wily servant Truffaldino, the hero of the famous Comedy K. Goldoni, musketeer, courtesan, Duchess, Gypsy or pirate. For those wishing to frighten the participants of the masquerade, offer to get a sinister white mask with a long beak-nose, during the plague it was used by doctors in order, examining the patient not to get inside the mask was soaked in vinegar on a sponge. Today, you can even enjoy local craftsmen individually tailoring carnival costume, as well as its own mask, but to cheap pleasures is not the case and will cost several thousand euros.

There is one carnival tradition – the mask must hide at least half of the face, making masks, for obvious reasons – is a very profitable business. In the period of the Venetian masquerade carnival masks sold a huge amount, more than half a million copies!

By the way, in Italy and far beyond its borders, there are even collectors who are willing to pay for a certain mask an amount equivalent to the purchase of expensive car. There is even a club for collectors of Italian masquerade masks.