Weekend with children: family festival
  May 24 14:00 to 20:00 in the Alley of Cosmonauts, ENEA family will be held the festival "Bright people". Carnival costume parade, premiere performances, thematic workshops, colorful art objects…

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Flower Festival in Thailand
  Orchestra, the beautiful Queen's speech, ornate design, market stalls and delicious, spicy street food is only a small part of the Thai celebration of the flower festival in Chiang…

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About the festival


Distinctive features of the Voronezh region among other regions of Russia are privileged geographic location, world famous unique soil — black, high-tech industrial production, a large number of reputable higher education institutions. The most important regional resources are culture and art. The creative potential of the region relies on the rich cultural and historical traditions and inherits the property of the artists Ivan Kramskoy and Nikolai GE, poets Alexei Koltsov and Samuil Marshak, writer Ivan Bunin, publicist and publisher Alexei Suvorin. The history of Voronezh is inseparable from the fate of a musical dynasty of Rostropovich, circus clown Anatoly Durov, the disgraced poet Osip Mandelstam.

3. Conditions and organization of the Festival.

3.3. Directorate:

introduced the founders of the proposals on the estimated costs for the organization and conduct of the Festival;

forms the structure of participants of the Festival, the program of the Festival;

holds all the necessary work for the preparation and conduct of the Festival;

organize informational support of preparation and holding of the Festival, accredits media;

working to attract sponsorship and charitable funds for the Festival;

performs other activities related to preparation and holding of the Festival.

4. Programs and activities of the Festival

4.1. The festival program includes the following areas:



“visual arts”,


4.2. Performances, concerts, exhibitions, selected by the Directorate may be included in the “Platonov program”, “Main program”, “Program of contemporary art”.

“Plato’s program” consists of works based on Platonov’s literary heritage, or dedicated to the work of Platonov, in the framework of this program are also reading Plato. The program is designed to stimulate and develop an interest in the creative legacy of Andrei Platonov.

the “Main program” includes performances of creative groups and performers, demonstration projects of high artistic significance of which was confirmed by recognition at prestigious festivals and competitions, which received wide acclaim and high praise from the professional critics. The program should open to residents of the region access to the world’s cultural values.

“the Program of contemporary art” — it is a platform for showcasing creative experimentation, the search for new artistic means, it presents a promising and original projects, bands and authors. The program is aimed primarily at a young audience.

At the Festival are also held master-classes, seminars and lectures.

4.3. The venues for performances, exhibitions, concerts, and other events of the Festival are determined by the Directorate. This purpose can be used in theatres, concert and exhibition halls, palaces of culture, museums, galleries and other spaces and open areas in the city of Voronezh and the Voronezh region.

5. Participants Of The Festival

5.1. The participants of the Festival can be theatres, orchestras, ensembles, creative associations, and separate figures of theatre, music, visual arts and literature, peer-selected and invited by the Management.