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The Most beautiful Flower festivals in the world


Bright and fragrant, and luxury field – flowers always attract people as an amazing creation of nature. And, perhaps there is not one woman, a mood which will not rise from handed her the bouquet. That is why in many countries of the world are regularly held flower festivals.

In floral country

In one of the “flowering” of countries – Holland – annually, there are several such holidays. Flower parade attracts thousands of spectators from around the world. On this day, garlands and flower arrangements decorated houses, shops and fences. Move through the streets of a huge sculpture made with flowers.

Many Dutch floral companies are working on the decor of mobile platforms and cars, using all sorts of flowers – roses, chrysanthemums, daffodils and lilies and, of course, the tulips, which are one of the symbols of the country.

In the Venetian style

An amazing and unforgettable spectacle takes place every year in one of the most visited cities – Venice. During the festival here colors the entire city and is surrounded by fragrant flowers. Old buildings, arches, gates decorated with flower garlands and arrangements. And Venetian gondolas plying the canals, in the evenings highlights the floral lanterns. Residents of the city are decorated with buds of clothes, and girls put in their hair.

Floral “Wall Of Hope”

Flower festival in Madeira is famous because of the many flowers children erected a “Wall of Hope”, which symbolizes the triumph of good and peace. During the festival, there are competitions for the decoration of shop Windows or at best flower carpet. Along the main street parade marches, with the participants dressed in costumes made of flowers. The celebrations continue for several days, and all this time the city of Funchal is filled with good humor, music and, of course, flowers.

Building material – flowers

Another famous European festival passes, Bloemencorso in Belgium. Many believe it is, Bloemencorso the most spectacular flower show. He is distinguished for his large-scale sculptures in which the material is used only flowers. Especially popular with florists who create these pieces, I use all sorts of different shades of dahlias. One sculpture may consist of several thousands of these beautiful flowers.

Another miracle “floral” architecture create Belgian florists at the festival, which is called Flower carpet of Brussels . And here the basic material for the creation of the carpet are the flowers. Thousands of cut flowers the day before brought to Brussels from all over the country and then laid florists on a pre-designed sketch. When you create a floral carpet also used lawn grass and dry tree bark.

The most harmless weapon

Flower festival on the island of Jersey is often called the “Battle of flowers”, which is the essence of this event. Jersey floral parade is a battle, during which all attendees are literally buried in flowers, throwing them at each other. Of course, these “flower battles” are accompanied by fun, noise, laughter and dancing.

The exotic East

The climatic conditions of Thailand allow traditional flower festival in Chiang Mai (literally “many colors”) in early February. At this time the whole country is fragrant with the flowers, which in Thailand very much. Alone Orchid blooms about three thousand species. Orchids, along with your favorite Thai chrysanthemums and damask rose, are the main participants of the festival.

In town for three days with many activities, the main one is the procession through the streets of the most beautiful flowers. Local girls prepare for this day the best outfits, because one of them is traditionally the Queen of flowers.

Memorable and delightful flower festivals in different countries are carried out one after the other. And if there opportunities – time and financial – can be within a few months to travel the world, enjoying a variety of colors, which were so generously bestowed upon our planet nature.