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Festival of contemporary felt at the XII International exhibition “craft Formula”


XII international exhibition and sale “craft Formula” in Sokolniki exhibition and Convention centre was marked by the Festival of modern felt. The organizers of this festival became the project coordinator Elina Fedyantseva and Director of Studio-shop “casket” Olga the Antrop. This is a very significant event that allows you to get acquainted with the art of modern felt.

The Festival was organized several exhibition projects reporting on clothes, shoes, accessories, paintings and decorative objects. Exposure clothing “12 months” was presented by Elena Agapova, Irina lewkowicz, Oksana Tkachenko, Irina Demchenko, Elena Smirnova, Julia Kozyreva, Julia the Khabarova, Irina Sadykova, Regina Zhuravleva, Nina Demidova, Catherine Shchukina and Snezana Kostina. It was a kind of demonstration of garments made of felt for any season — from barely weighty dresses to winter coats.

The exhibition “lifestyle” presented Olga Demyanov, Irina Poluboyarinov, Smolyaninov Natalia and Marina Khrapova. This cozy home area, decorated in autumn colours. All items made of felt — frame for mirror, lampshade, picture, maker, house cat, chair covers. Very funny looked the basket with colorful sneakers. Looking at the area I wanted to go to this makeshift room.

Amazing exhibition “Imaginarium” was made by Helen Kalikovoi. The master provided items for the home — lamps, murals and decorative objects. Her works are made from fleece and wool in different techniques of wet felting. The works of Elena is so interesting that they can be considered a very long time.

A very interesting part of the festival was the demonstration video tutorial on felting. Masters also held direct classes, acquainted people working with wool in different techniques. Lots of attention has caused a master class on the creation of paintings. All participants were able to ask questions, talk with artists.

Throughout the day on September 27, walked on stage fashion show products from felt. It was very interesting to see the work of children’s groups, which themselves showed their wares. Of course, the fashion show was attended by experienced craftsmen.

Opened defile Olya the Antrop, and became a leading Elena Smirnova, who immediately turned everyone in a positive way. Olya and Lena were also the performers dance “by wallsize”. They were joined by Elina Fedyantseva. Stunning dance left no one indifferent. Some artists also took the stage and reached a dancing company. It was incredibly fun and funny.

Their work at the Festival of modern felt presented the artists and studios from different regions. In addition to utilitarian things presented many artistic and decorative objects. Some works were very interesting, flawlessly executed and pleasing to the eye and soul.

I want to say thanks to the chief ideologist of the Festival the OLE Antrop for her incredible dedication to the felt Elena Kuznetsova, who for many years promotes modern felt, and, of course, thankyou Elina Fedencio, the organizer of the Festival.

Thank you all for communication. I wish the masters of inspiration and success!