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Touroperator Join UP s Fest Week: India – the bright colors of autumn!


There is a country on the world map, which is surrounded by the ocean, named in her honor Indian. Its shape resembles a heart, and it goes a lot of fantastic legends. Travelers come to the delight of its majestic mountains, propping up the sky, and the beautiful ancient temples. Second place in the world for a variety of their population, thousands of years of rich and diverse culture, great climate and a long Maritime coast – it’s all India, ancient and young, familiar to us through the colorful films and our children’s dreams. A country in which every day – a bright day!

Those who only have to dip into the bright fairy-tale world in October, a lovely surprise – two fabulous festival of Diwali and Dashera . celebrated enchanting, in a big way, one word in Indian. And so You don’t miss the most significant event, Join UP! invites you to fly to India was one of the first flights.

Most Indians hold to the ancient traditions, and therefore, national holidays and religious festivals play a huge role in their lives. All the festivals in India are accompanied by colorful processions and rituals, and local residents are transferred from the humdrum of everyday life in the mythical land of gods and heroes. This amazing country Indian culture full religious customs, which beckon curious tourists-travelers.

Miracleśly – the festival of lights

Festival of Miracleśwhether Hindu Vedic ” Festival of lights ” or ” Festival of lights ” runs five days – from 23 to 28 October. Diwali symbolizes the path from darkness and ignorance to knowledge the victory of truth over falsehood and of good over evil, and is the most significant in Hinduism holiday.

This holiday means the beginning of the new fiscal year. Traders put in order the book of accounts, clean the bench. In the evening, the shops and houses are illuminated with oil lamps and strings of light bulbs. The streets these days look amazing – this You will not see in other months in India.

in Diwali-the festival of lights and gifts and good wishes. In India in any other day of the year does not give as many gifts as in Diwali. Distribution of sweets symbolizes that the words should be sweet. Puja with fire means that the person is ready to offer all the weaknesses of the fire.

Holiday-carnival Navratri

Every fall in India in the month of Ashwin (October) there is a bright and colorful holiday Dashahra . which runs for 10 days. Hence another name – navratri, meaning, “the festival of nine nights”.

Navratri is a celebration of energy. In many cities and towns it is accompanied by dramatic performances, recitation, singing and music: the actors perform scenes from the life of the legendary epic hero Rama, read excerpts from “Ramayana”, and at the end of the holiday after a solemn procession burn effigies of evil gods. In Delhi, this festival takes place on the largest square of the city Ramlila ground when a huge number of people.

As you can see, October – the best time to visit India. To see this celebration – is to plunge into the culture of the country and know the soul of the people. So come on and book the tour for October. And the rest rely on Join UP! We will not disappoint.