Festival of contemporary felt at the XII International exhibition "craft Formula"
  XII international exhibition and sale "craft Formula" in Sokolniki exhibition and Convention centre was marked by the Festival of modern felt. The organizers of this festival became the project…

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Zelenka in April: when will the famous festival
  For five years, the brilliant green fest has grown from a Ukrainian internal event professionals in full-fledged international festival. For the second year to the festival famous bands come…

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Became known, in any country of the world, Easter is a holiday


As previously reported, members of the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg offered to give Orthodox Easter the status of nationwide holiday.

Recall that in Russian society initiative of MPs North of the capital has caused a mixed reaction . Meanwhile, the Agency RIA “Novosti” decided to find out in which countries the Easter days are declared holidays.

In some States, in connection with the celebration of Easter is set for four days (Passionate Friday and Saturday, Easter Sunday is the main day of celebration as well as next Monday after Pascha Bright week). These countries include: Australia, Austria, Britain, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden.

In Italy the official public holiday is Easter Monday.

In the Netherlands, the Passover celebration begins on Friday, when the whole country is declared a short-time and don’t work all the official institutions, and continues until Monday. Sunday – 1st Easter day, Monday – 2nd day of Easter.

In Greek Orthodoxy is the state religion, and the Church is not separated from the state. More than 90% of the population are Orthodox Christians. Therefore, Easter is the state and is truly universal.

In Estonia, good Friday on the eve of Easter day, which is celebrated by Western Christians, is a public holiday and nonworking day.

The Labour Code of Canada Easter Monday was listed as a public holiday and almost everywhere in the country (except British Columbia), it is a public holiday.

Easter is an official holiday in almost all the States of Latin America, particularly in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru. These countries are festive or good Friday or Easter Monday.

In Syria, along with Islamic holidays, official holiday is Easter.

In Lebanon, public holidays and non-working days declared good Friday and Easter Monday.

In the Republic of South Africa public holiday is good Friday, in Namibia – good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.

In some CIS countries the feast of the Passover is also recognized at the official level.

In Belarus, both the Catholic and Orthodox Easter are public holidays.

In Ukraine, the code of labour laws of the Orthodox Easter is declared a day off. Accordingly, Easter Monday is a public holiday.

In Georgia holidays are good Friday and Easter Monday.

In Moldova, public holidays are the first and second day of Easter according to the Church calendar, and the first Monday after Easter (Parent’s day).

In most of the national republics of Russia national religious holidays are official.

In particular, in the Republic of Tatarstan non-working holiday is a Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha . in the Republic of Dagestan – Eid al-Fitr . in the Republic of Ingushetia – the Muslim feast of Eid al-Fitr (Marchaj, Ingush traditions of Eid al-Adha), in the Republic of Bashkortostan – Eid ul-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, “shezhere Bayram”, “Sabantuy”, “Ashkadar tandara”, in Buryatia – the White month holiday “Sagaalgan”, in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug – Day Deer in the Sakha Republic – national Day holiday ‘Ysyakh’, in Kalmykia – “Tsagaan SAR”, “Zul”, “the birthday of Shakyamuni Buddha”, in the Republic of Tyva – folk festival “Step”.

According to the labour legislation of the Russian Federation, at the coincidence output and public holidays day off is transferred to the next working day after the holiday.