November: the most interesting festivals in Europe
  Here for over 400 years in England, November 5 is celebrated guy Fawkes Night. The history of this holiday is connected with the disclosure of the conspiracy of the…

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Summer. Song. Festival
  In a nutshell: Fizzarum, EXIT Project, Crimson Butterfly, ethnic and electronic music, theatre of fire, dance workshops, yoga classes Established, including the name, the tradition, the festival WAFEst this…

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Summer. Song. Festival


In a nutshell: Fizzarum, EXIT Project, Crimson Butterfly, ethnic and electronic music, theatre of fire, dance workshops, yoga classes

Established, including the name, the tradition, the festival WAFEst this year will include four units: water (Water), Air (Air), Fire (Fire) and Earth (Earth). From traditional water components — sailing, wakeboarding and water skiing, zorbing, a water Park and battles on the water pistols. Music (or “breath” of the festival) will be ethnic and electronic, naughty and romantic: within four days visitors will play such teams as Fizzarum (St. Petersburg ), Asketics/Ascetics (Petrozavodsk ), EXIT Project, Crimson Butterfly (Nizhny Novgorod ), “the Penultimate Temptation” (Nizhny Novgorod), SAGE, GreyD and many others. In block Fire their performances will show theatres of fire from different cities of Russia and CIS, as well as guests from Europe — the team Loooop! and master of fire arts Thomas Johansson. And in the Earth block will include all that are unable to absorb other elements: dance workshops, yoga classes or show giant soap bubbles.

Invasion 2014

Folk Summer Fest 2014

In a nutshell: Korpiklaani, Helavisa and the group “Mill”, “Troll Bends Fir”, “poem”, Suidakra, Natural Spirit, the folk-rock-culture

The annual festival in the open air, the second, devoted to folk-rock-culture. This year on stage in Gus-Khrustalny released more than 30 music groups. Like last year, the main folk-rock festival will be held on the territory of the tourist complex «House Wolves”, the main benefits of which are picturesque nature, the convenient location and proximity to Goose lake. Starting this year, FSF 2014 acquires international status. Performances will be held all three days, the headliner of one of them will be world-famous band Korpiklaani from Finland. Specially for the festival, the group ’s Arkona– will play a concert dedicated to the release of their new album “Reality”. The same headliner of the third day will be beloved by many Helavisa and the group “Mill”. Also visitors of the festival will be able to hear commands such as “Troll Bends Fir», «Total”, “poem”, Suidakra (Germany), Natural Spirit (Ukraine), Gods Tower (Belarus), “the Orchestra Troll” and others.

Park 2014

Where: the Penza region. hotel complex «Chistye Prudy”

In two words: “Alice”, Morigan, Louna, “Cockroaches”, Johnyboy, resident of Pacha Ibiza club — DJ Paco Buggin and DJ Angel Linde

During the half year under the brand ’s Park Rock” was attended by about 220 musicians and more than 16 thousand spectators. This year the festival is multi-format and change the name to something more universal — “Park”. The festival will be held in two stages: Park Rock and Show-Park, which will rise the representatives of different musical styles — from classic rock to electronic music and art rooms. On the rock scene as an eminent national headliner, the group will perform “Alice”. Also guests will be entertained by the famous Moscow rockers Morigan, one of the most popular youth rock bands Louna and the increasingly popular “Cockroaches”. July 19 will be the cover of night to the memory of the soloist of the “Korn” Mikhail Gorshenev. Show scene meanwhile, will offer performances by young rap teams headed by the famous Russian rap artist Johnyboy. In addition, on show will also be residents of one of the most iconic clubs in the world Pacha Ibiza — DJ Paco Buggin and DJ Angel Linde (Spain).

Picnic “Billboard” 2014

In a nutshell: Jamiroquai and Suede, Jason Kay, a designer convenience stores, outdoor play, lectures, street theatre

Picnic “Billboard” — the largest summer festival in the open air within Moscow. Headlining the main stage current of the Picnic will be Jamiroquai and Suede, who will perform their classic album “Dog Man Star”. In addition, picnic “Billboard” — it is no less popular and worthy than the headliners, musicians, speakers in several scenes. Plus — street and ethnic food market with things Russian designers and fashionable Western brands, outdoor play, lectures, discussions and street theatre. Also offers simple melodies in the styles of pop, funk, disco, rock, reggae with a touch of electronic sound and relaxed vocals from the followers of the “black” music — Jason Kay and his team. Every year the festival organizers are preparing something new for those who are always ready to escape from the stuffy clubs and concert halls in order to lie on the grass and to listen to good live and up to date music.

Cubana 2014

In a nutshell: Zdob si Zdub, Scooter, “Mumiy Troll”, Dolphin, Noize MC, Valery Leontiev, “Bricks”

Every summer, in the midst of the holiday season, on the black sea coast of Krasnodar region hosts one of the most anticipated musical events of the year — the largest music multiformat Kubana festival. By the way, this is the only Russian festival, which is part of the European festival Association Yourope, so Kubana has firmly occupied a place of honor in the list of the best summer open-air. The coast of freedom knows no genre boundaries: on the stage set right on the beach, there will be performances from legendary artists of the world scene, rock musicians, rap stars, alternative teams and pop singers. Over the past two years at Kubana made NOFX, Nouvelle Vague, “lapis troubetzkoy”, “Boombox”, Noize MC, “Ruble”, “Cockroaches”, Animal Jazz, Amatory, “Bricks” Billy’s Band, Alexander F. Sklyar and many others. This year announced the emergence of Zdob si Zdub — a charismatic group from the Republic of Moldova, combining brutal hardcore, hip-hop, jungle, punk and drum’n’bass.