Delicious festivals and celebrations food in Ukraine in autumn: tastings, master classes, entertainment and other points of interest
This post will focus on the theme of delicious festivals and celebrations in Ukraine in the autumn. Food is not only food, but also an occasion to hold a festival,…

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Carnivals and festivals
All over the world are the last celebration before lent, which marks the end of winter and arrival of spring. For almost a month across Europe and America passed numerous…

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Zelenka in April: when will the famous festival


For five years, the brilliant green fest has grown from a Ukrainian internal event professionals in full-fledged international festival. For the second year to the festival famous bands come from Europe. Ukrainian participants of the previous festivals actively invite other international events.

“One of the important tasks of the Festival is to enter Ukraine in the international dance community. Of course, to find and preserve their own individuality. It is essential to the development of contemporary dance in Ukraine. And we are succeeding. For example, for the second year in a row we attract well-known foreign choreographers to create works with Ukrainian dancers” .

The program of performances Zelyonka Fest 1.5 will be intense. The festival will open with the new Kiev choreographer Christine Shishkarev “the Sacred spring” (feat. Igor Stravinsky ). In the second part-production with the participation of Ukrainian dancers, under the leadership of the Yes soul Chung . Korean choreographer of the famous tantsteatra of Pina Bausch .

The second day presents Lithuanian and Ukrainian projects. Arts Printing house (Lithuania) will bring an ironic work about the essence of contemporary dance called “Contemporary?”. Ukrainian project M. O. S. T. dance project will show “The one that whispers” and will offer viewers to think about what people were learning to talk, and what opportunities are simultaneously lost. The authors of the play — Ukrainian choreographers, performers and dancers Anton Ovchinnikov (co-organizer Zelyonka Fest) and Anton Safonov .

On Saturday, the brilliant green fest will offer a double dose of contemporary dance of Ukrainian origin. In the day (beginning at 14:00) the Department of the display of works created in the framework of the program “Position 2015”, curated by Viktor Ruban . The second part (beginning at 19:00) – best work yet four of our choreographers: Irina Plotnikova . The Churn Of The Art Family . Julia Danilenko , Anton Safonov .

Close the festival guests from Poland and Belarus, and Ukrainian choreographers.

The Lublin dance theatre – one of the oldest and most popular theatres of contemporary dance in Poland came with the play “the Stories we didn’t tell anyone”. Belarusians SKVO’s dance company with dance performance “the conversation” promise to make the audience complicit in staging. The Ukrainian Duo of Anton Ovchinnikov and Anton Safonov represents performance-reflection about the strange love “Vanilla sugar”.

Traditionally, in addition to performances of contemporary dance in the program Zelenka fest competition for young choreographers, master classes from the leaders of the performing artists and members of the jury. And for the first time in the framework of the “Green stuff” will be a series of lectures from international experts. In particular, the development of modern dance in France and the ways of development of the dance community tells Laurent van Kote . international consultant to the Ministry of culture of France in the field of politics of performative arts. Lecture “Contemporary dance in Poland, a view from the inside” read Polish experts: Grzegorz Kondrasuk University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska and Ryszard Kalinowski from the Lublin dance theatre. By the close of the festival critics from Europe and the Ukrainian choreographers will meet for discussion about the search for their own ways of development of modern dance in Ukraine.

Changing and growing the audience of the festival: from a few hundred dancers and choreographers on the first festivals to more than two thousand spectators in 2014. This year the organizers are also expecting full houses at all performances – tickets went on sale just two days ago, and already sold out almost 15% of their total number. “Our audience is growing and becoming more diverse. This is a very important indicator of the development of both the Ukrainian society and the festival itself. The ability to perceive contemporary art – the indicator of social development. This suggests that we are not dakotanever in their beliefs and attitudes, and is able to hear and perceive the world in all its diversity of forms and styles, to ask questions of themselves and others”, – says Elena Lobova . co-organizer Zelenka fest 1.5.