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Top beer festivals in the world – the most famous beer festivals

The first in a series of the most famous beer festivals can justly be called the Munich Oktoberfest. It was first held in 1810 in honor of the wedding of Ludwig I and Princess Therese of Saxony, and to this day funny celebrations are held at the Terezín meadow from the third Saturday of September and are harvested annually to a million people.

There is no account not only excellent beer mugs, and hundreds of thousands of sausages, chicken in a crispy crust and other excellent appetizers, and the more – the fun.

To visit all fourteen tents of the festival is not easy, so we should at least get their attention (and, of course, to evaluate them in beer!) the most known.

So, pavilion Hippodrom can be called the gates of the festival, which begins, through which every year it receives over a million visitors.

Pavilion Lowenbrau not only offers a tasting, but also flaunts a huge figure of a lion, the symbol of the company, representing their products here since 1949.

Certainly need to look into the biggest tent Hofbrauhaus, which can simultaneously SIP a beer with grilled sausages and other Goodies to 11,000 people.

Pavilion Armbrustschutzen was once owned by shooters crossbowmen, you can now test your marksmanship at the shooting range.

Tent Kafers Wiensn known for its superb wooden design, and to skip the pint of beer, usually people come here in the Bavarian national costume.

Beer from wooden barrels can be treated in the tent Augustiner-Festhalle, from fellow Augustinian, who, despite the severity of their vows, always cooked great beer.

Noisy students can gather in the pavilion Schottenhamel, guests and quiet spirit, especially family, prefer a tent Winzerer Fahndl.

If I want beer with dried fish – the reason is to go to the pavilion Fischer-Vroni.

It would be strange to celebrate in Germany only one beer festival, so stop attention to Volksfest, which also has a rich history, and today is celebrated in late September-early October and lasts 2 weeks.

It opens the person the Lord Mayor, printing keg of beer at fruit of the column, and then through the streets of Stuttgart, a colorful procession marches, and the festival not only offers many kinds of beer, but, in fact, is a harvest festival, and so very quiet and almost a family event, due to the popularity of which reservations are recommended.

You can give advice to visit the hall of the black forest, with pine legs, if I do not want a laser show, but Gallic delicacies, you should go for the roast meat in the “French village”.

The beer festival takes place in London from 2 to 6 August in the exhibition centre Olympia Exhibition centre Hammersmith Road. Here, to the delight of many guests, presents not only many varieties of English and imported beer, but also over 350 real Ales, 60 – cider and other alcoholic drinks.

Tasting alcoholic variety to the festival, generously seasoned with rides, games and prizes, live music and games of skittles and Darts in pubs, and the ability to make the best purchase in many shops the centre of Olympia.

The symbol of the festival is the Sumerian goddess of Ninkasi who protected his people in brewing in those days, when people only discovered this drink.

At the beginning of August for five days you can go in Peterborough, and although this English festival offers just a few of the local Beers, you can find and foreign well – known brand- and be sure to try English cider.

In Denver from October 3 to 5 passes of the Great beer festival, and it lives up to its name by offering guests the widest choice of Beers (which is noted in the Guinness Book of world records), among which worth mentioning the famous Stout and Pilsner. Every year the festival attracts more than 20,000 people, and its products are more than 300 companies, which, as you know, in the United States have significant superiority compared to the production volumes are small family-owned Breweries.

In Brussels, Antwerp exchange which committed the largest transaction of sale of malt and barley, without which beer to swarit, worth a visit from 6 to 8 September, the Belgian Beer Weekend, which is held in the Park from Grand place. The cost of a mug of excellent beer here is usually about 1 Euro, and you can choose from more than three hundred varieties, including fruit flavors, for example cherry.

In Brazil, there is not only dancing, the carnivals, but their beer festival in the state of Santa Caterina, where every year during the first three weeks of October are flocking from all over the world nearly two million visitors, which is able not only to taste but also to participate in the beer marathon at a mile, every hundred meters which participants offer a large mug of beer.

National Czech beer festival in Prague is a relatively young event (since 2008), but the local color and more than seventy varieties of Czech beer, which is available to buy at a special festival currency – beer thalers, pay back with interest the youth and help the festival in the last two weeks of may to collect many guests.

The leader of the beer festivals in South-Eastern Europe is a Serbian festival in Belgrade, carried out in the second half of August. Here you can find not only an extensive range of Beers, and an excellent musical program from the popular Balkan artists and some international stars.

In Asia’s largest beer festival held in China, in Qingdao, in the last two weeks of August, and, of course, in addition to tasting Chinese beer, you can try and import brands, and also have fun with all Asian unique taste and panache, and even watch sports.