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Unique gifts for New year


New year for the Slavic soul is the most cherished holiday. Since childhood, we are waiting for this holiday, expect a long-awaited gifts and hope that Santa Claus will not let you down. New year holiday has become the most loved and anticipated event. Nothing disturbs the heart, as the thought of a festive new year’s buffet with champagne, watching Christmas shows and presents under the tree.

Hedgehog long Christmas and St. Nicholas Day gave way to palm in the national rating of the love of New year holidays. Most consider Christmas as an opportunity to relax a bit and to recover after the New year. This happens for many years, and 2014 will be no exception.

The most valuable and unique gifts are selected and presented on the favorite holidays. Turns out that in search of gifts for the new year we are spending most of their time in December.

Most likely the new year has become so a favorite holiday for us because it offers hope that with the new year, life will become better and easier. We are all looking forward to 2014 and waiting for the gifts it brings.

2014 year in Oriental calendar

According to the Eastern calendar year 2014 will be the year of the blue wooden horse. And more the holiday we usually excite all kinds of horoscopes and metaphysical science. Even if you are not serious about astrology, it is still customary to give gifts or in the form of a horse, or the horse.

The most canonical of gifts in 2014 year of the blue wooden horse will be blue wooden horseshoe. This gift and with the Eastern calendar, fit, and about horses.

If you are not able to give his beloved the woman for 2014 little pony, then it will be able to give a subscription to equestrian club or even a horse ride. If winter weather will allow, that such a gift can be immediately and use.

Gift of a man on new year 2014

As the most responsible in giving gifts has always been women, the topic of choosing a gift for the new year 2014 is particularly acute.

Except the Souvenirs on the theme of the Oriental calendar and equine subjects – there are other gifts. They will be more personalized, and men do not give the impression that you and him a gift bought in bulk, like all our colleagues in the office.

First birthday gifts should be useful, so he dreamed of, and secondly it needs to be wrapped in gift paper with snowmen and Christmas trees.

If money for a new MacBook you lack for your loved one, it is fine expensive perfume. Just choose the smells or the classics, or new in 2014.

What to give for new year 2014, that would be fun?

Choosing gifts for new year for friends in the first place come to mind fun gifts. Such gifts are especially appropriate if you will be meeting to celebrate 2014 together with the company. Then after midnight, turning the bags with gifts, everyone will laugh, everyone will have fun.

Guys can give boxers with embroidery in the form of horses, and funny shirts. Friend will appreciate a t-shirt depicting the inscription “2014” and a cheerful snowman.

Significant events in 2014

In addition to directly gift to myself new 2014 can present the Souvenirs that are associated with events that will occur in the new year.

In 2014 winter Olympics and the FIFA world Cup in Rio de Janeiro. So, sports fans can get to the new year t-shirts with symbols of these events.

In addition to gifts for the upcoming events, you can give to friends for the new year t-shirt on which are written their achievements over the last year. For example, the list of countries that they visited, the number of drinking beer for the year, or the number of parachute jumps made by your friend the extreme sports enthusiast for the year.

Unique gifts for the new year

Most original gifts for the new year will be those to which you have put your maximum effort. After all, just buy every trinket. Even if this is the present and dreamed of the man, it would still not be original. Only personal involvement in the creation of the gift will give him originality.

In the section of our online store “gifts for new year” you can find a lot of inspiring ideas. Almost all of our Christmas gifts designed for your participation in their creation. You can buy gifts with photos or with original inscriptions.

A very original gift for the new year 2014 will be a pillow with photos taken in the past year. Will be something to remember and the sofa can be decorated beautifully.

In any case, whatever you bought as a gift for new year 2014, we will deliver within Kiev or Ukraine as quickly as possible that you won’t be worried about the gifts, and thought about the outfit on new year’s eve party and on the menu for the holiday table.

Please contact our online shop personalized Christmas gifts. We have hundreds of bags of gifts for Santa Claus has filled.