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Greece in September
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Honor of the great Victory Day – All scenarios

The children and Ms. page groups dedut rebuilding under marsh.

Of the Vedas. Today we gathered together to celebrate the great holiday “Victory Day”. Many years ago on June 22, 1941 on our Homeland was attacked by the Nazis. And not only soldiers, but also the entire nation, the entire country came to the defense of our homeland. Many holidays we celebrate,

All dance, play, sing.

And the beauty of the autumn meet,

And elegant Christmas tree waiting.

But the holiday one is the most important

Victory day is a solemn, glorious,

Notes his whole country.

(song page speech.gr. “When veterans are on parade” lyrics. and the muses. M. Sidorova – sing standing in a semicircle).

1st REB. “No!” — we declare war

The 4th child. The sun is shining, the smell of bread,

The forest rustles, river, grass.

Well under a peaceful sky

To hear the kind words!

5th child. Well in winter and summer,

The day of the autumn and spring

Enjoy the bright lights

Sonorous peaceful silence.

(Song page speech. gr. “Messengers of spring” music. And CL. M. Sidorova-after the song sit on seats)

Of the Vedas cruel time. Enemies attacked unexpectedly and began to bomb civilian towns. Collapsed the building, killing civilians.

Was leaving the soldiers to protect our country, our people. In the early days of the war he wrote the song, which was raised against all who love their Homeland. The song is called “Holy war”. And this song sounds sternly, solemnly and strictly. Listen to this song.

(children listen to the song “Holy war” music. A. V. Alexandrov, et seq. V. I. Lebedev-Kumach)

Of the Vedas. Guys, let’s in spite of the storm

Grab planet dance,

Dispel on her, and the clouds, and smoke

Offense it will never allow!

(individual performance of the song “Big dance”B. Saveliev children Ms. gr.)

Of the Vedas.(makes the globe). Children, look what a little globe on it all has a place: and the people, animals, and water, fish and forests and fields. We need to protect this fragile planet, it is our home. And it needs all people on earth to live in peace.

Let’s keep the planet

In the whole universe like no.

In the universe all alone,

What will do without us?

Let us be friends with each other.

Like a bird – with the sky as the wind from the meadow.

As a sail with the sea grass with rain,

As a friend of the sun with all of us!

Children, and who do you think in our time guarding the peace on the whole earth, who will protect us at any moment, who is the life for his Homeland?(the soldiers). Of course the soldiers. Boys, and you want the soldiers to be?(Yes). But to become a soldier,

Have a lot to learn

To be quick and skillful,

Very agile, strong, brave!

REB.(Ms. gr.) That’s when I grow up,

(out Ms. gr. and built a semi-circle and sing the song “Young border guard” E. M. Lagutina. after the song remain in the semicircle)

1st REB.(Ms. gr.)Glorious holiday – the Victory Day,

The 4th child. as their country loved

And the attack safely gone,

So happy we were

And flowers circle grew.

5th child. So birches rustled

Over the clear river,

So loudly the birds sang,

Rose rainbow arc.

(the children sit on the seats)

Of the Vedas. The war ended with the victory of may 9, 1945. And in honor of the heroes, the defenders of our country this day is always booming fireworks. And people never forget those who gave their lives for us, for our peaceful sky. We also will not forget that.

Remember the feat of our people,

Soldiers killed in a fiery battle.

With the victory they brought freedom,

Saving the world in a brutal war.

Now, lads, we’ll go to the monument to fallen soldiers and lay them flowers .


Of the Vedas. In flowers all the streets are dressed,

And songs ringing is heard.

Because soon the holiday – Victory Day,

Happy, bright day of spring!

Guys, tomorrow our country will celebrate the great Victory Day. Every year as a joyful holiday that people celebrate this day. Many years have passed, but we all remember this momentous day when our soldiers defeated the enemy, and remember it is celebrated solemnly.

Victory day for so many years!

2nd REB. In this day of spring

The kids are so happy.

3rd REB. Everything can not stay

I want to dance, to whirl,

Sing songs and have fun!

(Children p. gr. Perform the song “All happy spring”)

Of the Vedas. On our planet there is good sun.

There is a sun that laughs loudly,

Which is friends with rain shower,

With the polar night and the wind of the wilderness.

Song Socinius.

(Ms. gr. “Spring mood”)

Of the Vedas. Do live in the world of colored children,

Live on the same multi-colored planet,

And this planet at all times

All colored just one!

Come on, guys, in spite of the storm

Grab planet dance.

Dispel on her, and the clouds and smoke

Offense it will never allow.