The Association "Russian Tradition"
  "…Undeclared aesthetic ideal of the Association — the integrity of the diverse pattern of existence, contrasting and contradictory, but with the adamant assertion of the value of life. Life,…

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International Fireworks Festival in Seoul
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Annual Oyster Festival in Ireland


Leave at the end of September? No reason to despair, but to do so, as those who of otpravilsja Ireland, on the West coast, in Galway. It is here every year on the last weekend in September is one of the world’s best festivals – the Festival of Oysters.

Beautiful antique Galway city two hundred kilometers from Dublin has just over 70 thousand inhabitants. He writes his story from a small fishing village, which, after the capture of the Anglo-Normans in the 13th century, was surrounded by a wall and turned into a town. Until the arrival of Cromwell flourished this little town, thanks to a strategic position providing access to the sea and a successful trade with Spain and Portugal. After the construction of the ports of Dublin and Waterford in the 17th century for Galway fell on hard times, and only after many years Galway came back to life in all its glory, retaining its picturesque appearance of the imprint’s rich history.

Lovers of jazz music, poetry, theatre art are well aware of the Galway because there are these arts festivals. Horse lovers come to Galway on the traditional annual horse race, known throughout the world. But every year in September, the population of Galway is increasing dramatically. Because many tourists, among them many famous guests, in a hurry to visit the famous Oyster Festival and experience the feel of a happy and carefree life. This feeling will create not only delicious oysters, and live music, fine wine and excellent cuisine.

The festival is obliged to Brian Collins, the owner of a small hotel. The whole life of the coastal towns often depends on tourists. But in 1954 the tourist season in Galway closed, and hence the revenues too. The chef offered to surprise your guests with a dish of oysters, but Brian decided that eating oysters can be turned into a show and extend the tourist season. At the first festival there were only 34 people, and now he brings to the organizers of € 2 million each year for 4 days.

The traditional festival programme: international championship opening oysters, a beauty contest for the title of the pearl of the Festival, competitions, balls and banquets, music and dancing are not only modern, but also with national Irish flavor.

N achinese festival with a parade Parade of Oysters (Oyster Festival Parade) – about noon. It’s already a favorite, because it’s free entertainment. Live music Irish performers, the rhythms of the Irish national musical instruments will be held oyster mayor of the city, a fun parade participants, among which may be anyone, from downtown to the coast. The violins and flutes, incendiary movement Irish jig tune in to a fun and carefree holiday. Then you will hear the melodies of contemporary compositions, viewers will see a parade of old cars, a parade of dignitaries and brilliant beauty of the Pearls of the Festival. The fact that she will be fine, there is no doubt. Her beauty will be increased many times by several free cups of draught beer on the way.

The jewel of the Festival, or the Queen of Oysters, announces the start of the championship. The Suite consists of Queen musicians and actors, politicians and voters, local and foreign. But all share one passion — the passion for eating oysters. Championship opening oysters (National Oyster Opening Championships) starts at 7pm, lasts till night. While watching, you can taste seafood. The ticket is cheap, 5 euros from the sale of each goes for environmental protection. By the way, oysters are grown on special plantations. In September is the harvest. Oysters Goalscore Bay are considered the most delicious in the world, respectively, the most expensive. Pouring lemon juice, participants and guests consume in four days over one hundred thousand oysters.

Moreover, all of this washed down with draught beer Guinness, jam should occur often free snacks. Served the national dish — smoked salmon on a platter shaped like a fish. They say that Guinness beer, which is sold around the world, here is the most delicious.

The championship rules are both simple and complex. Wins the one who will open and eat as many oysters. But to open an oyster is possible only with a special knife, you cannot corrupt nor hands, nor shell oysters. Judges inspect the uncovered surface of each shell. Cut hand with a knife – “Come on! Goodbye!”. Participants from various countries come to earn this prestigious title. Yes, even to eat oysters and get them out of the sink should be possible to gracefully is also a criterion for the judges.

Oysters undergo a rigorous selection procedure, and each is honored to be eaten – for the competition are selected instances of not less than 76 mm in diameter.

The winners for the Norwegians and the Swedes, the British and the Danes, the Belgians. It is clear that Russia will not soon take the podium. Now, if raki, then. In the meantime, go enhanced training: in some Moscow restaurants have oyster faculties, to learn how to determine the freshness, cut, serve, and fun to eat. Say eat oysters only in months containing the name of the sound “R”.

So if the oyster festival this year You missed, then next September, be sure to plan a trip to Ireland is acknowledged as one of the best among 12 of the world’s festivals — the Festival of Oysters!