The Most famous carnivals of the world
  In mid-February, 40 days before Easter, begins a two-week "farewell to meat" - carnivals (carno - meat, vale - goodbye). Pagan origins of this riotous fun, just protuberancy, and…

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Decoration of salads to feast
  Today it is hard to imagine any holiday table without a salad. Our Slavic nation loves salads: assorted, delicious, vodka, traditional and original! And beautiful salads – this is…

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Best carnivals and festivals in the world

Venice carnival, Venice, Italy. Perhaps the most famous and oldest carnival in the world. Every year Venice is clothed in the costumes of velvet, brocade and silk and tries on different masks. The carnival opens oldest Venetian holiday — Festa delle Marie is a celebration in honor of the release of local girls from pirate captivity.

The program of the carnival: the submission of the Commedia Dell’arte, a procession of hundreds of Harlequin, Pierrot, Columbine and other famous characters, as well as a Celebration confetti. Many rush to the carnival to take part in one of the balls masquerade, held in ancient buildings and palaces. “Ball of Casanova”, a masquerade on the water and, finally, the most important presentation “gold night” — transfer of participants from the twenty-first century, several centuries ago.

Held in mid-February.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is the birthplace of the carnival. Carnival in Rio is truly the most famous and grandiose worldwide incomparable magnificent and exciting spectacle. Brazilian carnival is a show which has no equal.


In the streets the Indians and tourists, dressed up with a colorful carnival of clothing, every evening for three days on the streets of cities and villages of Goa all singing, dancing and having fun. Angels, devils, nymphs, blue and green men and other fantasy creatures fill the beaches. Everywhere going on a fabulous show.

Held in February.

Mauritius, across the country.

The night before this holiday kindled a fire, symbolizing the destruction of evil spirit the Holika. During this “festival of spring”, symbolizing the victory of the divine over demonic, good over evil, of the ritual shedding each other with powders of medicinal herbs (as recommended by Ayurveda healers).

Every year in February or March.

Mauritius, the lake of Grand-Bassin.

The largest Hindu festival outside India. In the course dedicated to Shiva crowded events are held ritual statues of this mighty God of the Holy for Mauritian Hindus Grand Bassin (thereby recreated his role in the myth of Genesis, because it is believed that water in contact with the Ganges), a solemn pilgrimage to the temples of the country, design incense and camphor on the shores of the lake, offerings of food and flowers on the altars of temples.

England, London.

Happy holiday in the spirit of Lewis Carroll. During the carnival in several parts of the city are organized competition runners with a frying pan. Split into four, the participants, dressed in the most unbelievable costumes, run the torch along a predetermined route, tossing pancakes in frying pans. The goal of the race — don’t drop the pancake. The winners celebrate with champagne.

Held on Shrove Tuesday.


Annual international film festival is one of the most significant world events in the field of cinema. The highest award — the Golden and Silver bears. Every year the festival is presented about 400 films from over a hundred countries in a variety of genres — is the biggest public festival in the world. In the framework of the festival European Film Market (EFM), the most important international meeting in the acting world. The festival was founded in 1951. Unlike the Cannes film festival Berlinale is focused on progressive geo-political cinema.

Iceland, Reykjavik.

International gastronomic festival, during which in Reykjavik brings together chefs from around the world. In the best restaurants of the city for several days, master-classes with refereeing and tastings. The choice of Reykjavik as the site of the festival is not accidental: Iceland is famous for eco-friendly products, and Icelandic drinking water is considered the purest in the world.

Takes place in February.

Day Machimana

Guatemala, Santiago Atitlan.

Maximon — ancient Indian God Mom, “crossed” with a Catholic Saint Simon. Malimono nothing human is alien: he likes to drink rum, smoke cigars and whore. Moody and petulant God need to constantly appease and to please, and then you can contact him for help in almost all of life’s troubles, not forgetting to bring gifts: Coca-Cola, rum, cigars, candles, money, or chicken. The most famous image — a wooden statue of God “lives” in the village of Santiago on the shores of Atitlan. About it turns to care for members of religious communities, providing shelter and guarding his rest. Every year on Easter Wednesday of Mashimoni honor, carrying through the streets with great pomp. The water used to wash clothes wooden God, then poured into bottles and sell it as a panacea.

Held in February-April.

This specific historical reconstruction of the story: the great bailiff (one of the highest dignitaries) of the order of the knights Hospitallers conducts a review of the garrison posted at Fort St. Elmo. During the play the soldiers, dressed in their ceremonial uniform and armed the arc:)zami and al:)game seventeenth century, demonstrate martial arts.