The Most famous carnivals of the world
  In mid-February, 40 days before Easter, begins a two-week "farewell to meat" - carnivals (carno - meat, vale - goodbye). Pagan origins of this riotous fun, just protuberancy, and…

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Annual Oyster Festival in Ireland
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Women’s fancy dress – how to choose

A few centuries ago, the whole world literally “sick” with a variety of carnivals and balls-the masquerades. Funny people in colorful costumes, fancy masks filled all the streets to arrange dances and processions. But today, carnivals and masquerades has not lost its relevance and also collect all of the mass of people wishing to escape from the routine and dive into the enchanting world of holiday. Today, almost anyone can get on traditional carnivals that are held annually in Venice, Cannes, Rio de Janeiro and other countries.

New year, Halloween. a club party or corporate event is also a great excuse to wear a carnival costume. But you can just call friends, make costumes, masks and makeup and make your merry carnival. As you can see, the reasons for transformation abound, it remains only to choose a carnival costume.

The history of women’s carnival costume is very interesting and versatile . They take their origin in medieval Europe in the 13th century in Venice happened the first costumed festivities, and which was called “carnival”. But if today every woman can afford to buy any carnival costume, in the past they were made only to order. Traditional costumes have to “hide” the person of the owner with a mask. There is a beautiful female mask “Venetian lady” neutral “VOLTO” and eerie “Bauta”. If you are going for a traditional Venetian carnival, you can rent a gorgeous suit for about 125 euros. Traditional female images of the Venetian carnival is a tricky maid, Columbine and her romantic mistress Isabella.

Depending on subject, location and time of the celebration of the carnival, the costumes can change its shape, but one thing remains unchanged – carnival costume should always be bright, colorful, and extravagant . The choice of modern women’s fancy dress costumes is very large, conditionally they can be divided into the following characters:

— robber and pirate – very popular image among young girls, which helps to relax and get rid of excess tightness. Besides, the image of the pirate is extremely sexy and daring.

— “otherworldly” characters – this could include costumes as “white” and “dark” forces. These costumes are perfect for costume parties Halloween or “Friday 13”. Choose what you closer – you can dress up in a cute little angel or to choose a more sinister images: witch, vampire, devil, black angel, etc.

— animals images animal world is also very popular among girls. Much love among women are members of the cat – a variety of cats, tigress, black Panthers. Also the girls look great, the costumes of the bunnies, foxes and butterflies.

— fantastic characters – in the past, this subject is becoming increasingly popular. This can be Snow white, little Red riding Hood, Princess, these costumes don’t look very “childish “. Modern carnival costumes for women look very stylish, bold and sexy. Also to this group of outfits include costumes of different superwoman – cat woman, Supergirl, the girlfriend of Batman.

— the profession and national costumes – well, what girl does not dream to try erotic nun’s habit. But these costumes are great not only for role-playing games, but also for carnivals and different costume parties. Nurse, maid, police officer, Oriental dancer, Indian – selection of costumes today is extremely high.

— and medieval Queen ladies – feel like a Queen, wearing a luxury dress in Baroque style, also will not refuse any one woman. Gorgeous dress, updo, fan and expensive jewelry – this costume is perfect for any carnival. But if you are going to an informal party at the club, you can find short puffy dress court lady.

— Christmas costumes – this category includes the well-known costume of snow Maiden, the Snow Queen, Winter and classic red and white suit-girlfriend Santa Claus.

Choosing a carnival costume, many women usually try to impersonate those characters on which they are similar. But sometimes it is very useful “to be in someone else’s skin” and try on a completely new way. For example, modest girl to dress up as a pirate, a devil, a nurse, who will help you relax and feel like a different person. A very bright and active girls to become calmer, you can try on the costume of a nun or a humble Bunny.

To solve the problem of carnival costume in different ways- some prefer to buy ready-made costumes in stores, someone takes their car in, craftswomen making them yourself, the more that you can sew them is not difficult. As the basis of the suit you can take a dress, shirt, leggings, skirt, pant and decorate them with appropriate decor.

For example, sewn to the old dress wings, you will receive a costume butterfly, angel, bees or fairies, all depends on the shape of the wings. For devil costume you will need a black or red short dress and horns made from wire and headband.

As for the costume dolls and did nothing to sew and create things, simply put on the most lovely short dress, make lush hair with bows and bright makeup with fake eyelashes.

Tatiana Klabukova