Wonderful holidays

Weekend with children: family festival
  May 24 14:00 to 20:00 in the Alley of Cosmonauts, ENEA family will be held the festival "Bright people". Carnival costume parade, premiere performances, thematic workshops, colorful art objects…

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The Light show of the world
  The doctrine of light (optics) occupies among other branches of physics special place. If electrodynamics and atomic physics developed as part of the exact Sciences, the basic concept of…

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Best carnivals and festivals in the world

Venice carnival, Venice, Italy. Perhaps the most famous and oldest carnival in the world. Every year Venice is clothed in the costumes of velvet, brocade and silk and tries on different masks. The carnival opens oldest Venetian holiday — Festa delle Marie is a celebration in honor of the release of local girls from pirate captivity.

The program of the carnival: the submission of the Commedia Dell’arte, a procession of hundreds of Harlequin, Pierrot, Columbine and other famous characters, as well as a Celebration confetti. Many rush to the carnival to take part in one of the balls masquerade, held in ancient buildings and palaces. “Ball of Casanova”, a masquerade on the water and, finally, the most important presentation “gold night” — transfer of participants from the twenty-first century, several centuries ago.

Held in mid-February.

The carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is the birthplace of the carnival. Carnival in Rio is truly the most famous and grandiose worldwide incomparable magnificent and exciting spectacle. Brazilian carnival is a show which has no equal.


In the streets the Indians and tourists, dressed up with a colorful carnival of clothing, every evening for three days on the streets of cities and villages Continue reading

Women’s fancy dress – how to choose

A few centuries ago, the whole world literally “sick” with a variety of carnivals and balls-the masquerades. Funny people in colorful costumes, fancy masks filled all the streets to arrange dances and processions. But today, carnivals and masquerades has not lost its relevance and also collect all of the mass of people wishing to escape from the routine and dive into the enchanting world of holiday. Today, almost anyone can get on traditional carnivals that are held annually in Venice, Cannes, Rio de Janeiro and other countries.

New year, Halloween. a club party or corporate event is also a great excuse to wear a carnival costume. But you can just call friends, make costumes, masks and makeup and make your merry carnival. As you can see, the reasons for transformation abound, it remains only to choose a carnival costume.

The history of women’s carnival costume is very interesting and versatile . They take their origin in medieval Europe in the 13th century in Venice happened the first costumed festivities, and which was called “carnival”. But if today every woman can afford to buy any carnival costume, in the past they were made only to order. Traditional costumes have to “hide” the person of the owner with a mask. There is a beautiful female mask “Venetian lady” Continue reading

The Most unusual festivals in the world


Unusual holidays and competitions always attract the attention of tourists. It is the entertainment and business, and a good time.

1. Championship wearing wives, Finland

Finns are favorite of women at the hands not only on the wedding day, but during this festival. Locals say that the idea of the festival is rooted in the tradition of stealing wives. Championship takes place July 4 in the town of Sonkajarvi.

Participants must cover the distance of 250 meters steeplechase. If the wife is 49 pounds lighter, that men be given extra weighting. The championship is fun, but injuries and abrasions participants also occur regularly.

02. La Tomatina, Spain

The battle of ripe tomatoes is happening in the last week of August in the town of Buñol. Part in the battle and take locals and tourists in large numbers gather for a holiday in Spain. The rules are very simple: they can throw at each other only ripe tomatoes and any other items that you cannot tear the clothes on the opponents or otherwise use physical force, it is impossible to prevent trucks moving “ammunition”.

The battle lasts for 2 hours, after which they can take a shower in a specially built shower.

03. Championship diving into the swamp, UK

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Touroperator Join UP s Fest Week: India – the bright colors of autumn!


There is a country on the world map, which is surrounded by the ocean, named in her honor Indian. Its shape resembles a heart, and it goes a lot of fantastic legends. Travelers come to the delight of its majestic mountains, propping up the sky, and the beautiful ancient temples. Second place in the world for a variety of their population, thousands of years of rich and diverse culture, great climate and a long Maritime coast – it’s all India, ancient and young, familiar to us through the colorful films and our children’s dreams. A country in which every day – a bright day!

Those who only have to dip into the bright fairy-tale world in October, a lovely surprise – two fabulous festival of Diwali and Dashera . celebrated enchanting, in a big way, one word in Indian. And so You don’t miss the most significant event, Join UP! invites you to fly to India was one of the first flights.

Most Indians hold to the ancient traditions, and therefore, national holidays and religious festivals play a huge role in their lives. All the festivals in India are accompanied by colorful processions and rituals, and local residents are transferred Continue reading

Became known, in any country of the world, Easter is a holiday


As previously reported, members of the legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg offered to give Orthodox Easter the status of nationwide holiday.

Recall that in Russian society initiative of MPs North of the capital has caused a mixed reaction . Meanwhile, the Agency RIA “Novosti” decided to find out in which countries the Easter days are declared holidays.

In some States, in connection with the celebration of Easter is set for four days (Passionate Friday and Saturday, Easter Sunday is the main day of celebration as well as next Monday after Pascha Bright week). These countries include: Australia, Austria, Britain, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden.

In Italy the official public holiday is Easter Monday.

In the Netherlands, the Passover celebration begins on Friday, when the whole country is declared a short-time and don’t work all the official institutions, and continues until Monday. Sunday – 1st Easter day, Monday – 2nd day of Easter.

In Greek Orthodoxy is the state religion, and the Church is not separated from the state. More than 90% of the population are Orthodox Christians. Therefore, Easter is the state and is truly universal.

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Spring Events in Lviv. March, April, may
  You will get acquainted with the most interesting of the Lviv coffee houses and pastry shops, visit the famous chocolate Shop, and, of course, stroll through the medieval streets…

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International Fireworks Festival in Seoul
  International Fireworks Festival in Seoul (Seoul International Firework Festival) – a major cultural event in South Korea, which is held every year in October, since 2000, where the best…