Calendar of the traveler: the most interesting festivals around the world next days
  Going on a trip, it is always useful to be aware of the latest developments and don't miss the most interesting of them. Suddenly something will happen right next…

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Unusual festivals in America
  America is an amazing country that combines many different cultures and nationalities. Needless to say, it is rather strange and original holidays and festivals that are celebrated or across…

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About the festival


Distinctive features of the Voronezh region among other regions of Russia are privileged geographic location, world famous unique soil — black, high-tech industrial production, a large number of reputable higher education institutions. The most important regional resources are culture and art. The creative potential of the region relies on the rich cultural and historical traditions and inherits the property of the artists Ivan Kramskoy and Nikolai GE, poets Alexei Koltsov and Samuil Marshak, writer Ivan Bunin, publicist and publisher Alexei Suvorin. The history of Voronezh is inseparable from the fate of a musical dynasty of Rostropovich, circus clown Anatoly Durov, the disgraced poet Osip Mandelstam.

3. Conditions and organization of the Festival.

3.3. Directorate:

introduced the founders of the proposals on the estimated costs for the organization and conduct of the Festival;

forms the structure of participants of the Festival, the program of the Festival;

holds all the necessary work for the preparation and conduct of the Festival;

organize informational support of preparation and holding of the Festival, accredits media;

working to attract sponsorship and charitable funds for the Festival;

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The Most beautiful Flower festivals in the world


Bright and fragrant, and luxury field – flowers always attract people as an amazing creation of nature. And, perhaps there is not one woman, a mood which will not rise from handed her the bouquet. That is why in many countries of the world are regularly held flower festivals.

In floral country

In one of the “flowering” of countries – Holland – annually, there are several such holidays. Flower parade attracts thousands of spectators from around the world. On this day, garlands and flower arrangements decorated houses, shops and fences. Move through the streets of a huge sculpture made with flowers.

Many Dutch floral companies are working on the decor of mobile platforms and cars, using all sorts of flowers – roses, chrysanthemums, daffodils and lilies and, of course, the tulips, which are one of the symbols of the country.

In the Venetian style

An amazing and unforgettable spectacle takes place every year in one of the most visited cities – Venice. During the festival here colors the entire city and is surrounded by fragrant flowers. Old buildings, arches, gates decorated with flower garlands and arrangements. And Venetian gondolas plying the canals, in the evenings highlights the floral lanterns. Residents of the city are decorated with buds of clothes, Continue reading

Festival of contemporary felt at the XII International exhibition “craft Formula”


XII international exhibition and sale “craft Formula” in Sokolniki exhibition and Convention centre was marked by the Festival of modern felt. The organizers of this festival became the project coordinator Elina Fedyantseva and Director of Studio-shop “casket” Olga the Antrop. This is a very significant event that allows you to get acquainted with the art of modern felt.

The Festival was organized several exhibition projects reporting on clothes, shoes, accessories, paintings and decorative objects. Exposure clothing “12 months” was presented by Elena Agapova, Irina lewkowicz, Oksana Tkachenko, Irina Demchenko, Elena Smirnova, Julia Kozyreva, Julia the Khabarova, Irina Sadykova, Regina Zhuravleva, Nina Demidova, Catherine Shchukina and Snezana Kostina. It was a kind of demonstration of garments made of felt for any season — from barely weighty dresses to winter coats.

The exhibition “lifestyle” presented Olga Demyanov, Irina Poluboyarinov, Smolyaninov Natalia and Marina Khrapova. This cozy home area, decorated in autumn colours. All items made of felt — frame for mirror, lampshade, picture, maker, house cat, chair covers. Very funny looked Continue reading