Organization of children's holidays in Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson.
Children's holiday Nikolaev – is the moment where I want to stay forever and children and adults. Happy kids, happy parents, sea, fun characters, games, dancing - naive childhood and…

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  Private Agency "Service holidays" is your guide to the world of good and inexpensive holidays. The aim of our work is to provide services on organization and holding of…

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The Most beautiful Flower festivals in the world


Bright and fragrant, and luxury field – flowers always attract people as an amazing creation of nature. And, perhaps there is not one woman, a mood which will not rise from handed her the bouquet. That is why in many countries of the world are regularly held flower festivals.

In floral country

In one of the “flowering” of countries – Holland – annually, there are several such holidays. Flower parade attracts thousands of spectators from around the world. On this day, garlands and flower arrangements decorated houses, shops and fences. Move through the streets of a huge sculpture made with flowers.

Many Dutch floral companies are working on the decor of mobile platforms and cars, using all sorts of flowers – roses, chrysanthemums, daffodils and lilies and, of course, the tulips, which are one of the symbols of the country.

In the Venetian style

An amazing and unforgettable spectacle takes place every year in one of the most visited cities – Venice. During the festival here colors the entire city and is surrounded by fragrant flowers. Old buildings, arches, gates decorated with flower garlands and arrangements. And Venetian gondolas plying the canals, in the evenings highlights the floral lanterns. Residents of the city are decorated with buds of clothes, Continue reading

Touroperator Join UP s Fest Week: India – the bright colors of autumn!


There is a country on the world map, which is surrounded by the ocean, named in her honor Indian. Its shape resembles a heart, and it goes a lot of fantastic legends. Travelers come to the delight of its majestic mountains, propping up the sky, and the beautiful ancient temples. Second place in the world for a variety of their population, thousands of years of rich and diverse culture, great climate and a long Maritime coast – it’s all India, ancient and young, familiar to us through the colorful films and our children’s dreams. A country in which every day – a bright day!

Those who only have to dip into the bright fairy-tale world in October, a lovely surprise – two fabulous festival of Diwali and Dashera . celebrated enchanting, in a big way, one word in Indian. And so You don’t miss the most significant event, Join UP! invites you to fly to India was one of the first flights.

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