Christmas jazz carnival
  Guests come with personalized invitations, put them in a vessel for the lottery, get all masks, hats, tinsel. Plays Lady sax, solo saxophone (an aperitif). Music support DJ throughout…

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Decoration of salads to feast
  Today it is hard to imagine any holiday table without a salad. Our Slavic nation loves salads: assorted, delicious, vodka, traditional and original! And beautiful salads – this is…

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Bright winter and autumn festivals in different countries


“Day of the dead” — one of the most famous holidays in the world, designed to remind the souls of those who will not return. His characters in the form of candy skulls and are specially made female figurines of skeletons, dressed in beautiful costumes, no less famous than Halloween pumpkin. Holiday in Oaxaca lasts two days, in early November, and refers to the ancient cults of the Maya and Aztecs, bringing gifts to the goddess Mictlantecuhtli, the woman in the form of a skeleton, dressed in a skirt of rattlesnakes. In addition to all kinds of ornaments and sweets in the form of skulls these days, there is a carnival, and also make special cakes — the Bread of the Dead.

East Sussex, England. The night of the fireworks,

“the night of the fireworks” — an annual holiday in England, arranged on 5 November. His hallmark — a huge amount of fireworks, creating a giant fire show. Lights are lit in memory of ancient events, received in history the name of the Gunpowder plot. In 1605 a group of Catholics tried to blow up the houses of Parliament which met there by king Continue reading

Festivals and holidays in Spain


Traditionally Spaniards meet spring with the whole series of holidays and festivals, most of which has a long history and established traditions. So, Granada and Cordoba spend the may Festival of the Holy cross. These days the square, the streets, the balconies of the houses are decorated with flower arrangements, everywhere you can see crosses covered with flowers. The most celebrating this holiday in Granada areas of albaycín and El Realejo.

In Cordoba from 3 to 14 may competition is the traditional courtyards – owners decorate their patios with flowers in pots, flowers, hedges, natural elements of design and crafts, and invite everyone to take a look at their attire. Traditionally, the contest involves the courtyards of the oldest parts of the city, there are fun performances and musical performances.

From may 11 in Madrid held a Grand celebration dedicated to the patron Saint of the city – St. Isidro (St. Isidor), reaching a peak on may 15, the Plaza Mayor and went on for another week. Are carnival parades, shows, street concerts, religious procesie and bullfighting. Carnival with processions and masquerades, which ends on Friday, “the Funeral of the Sardine”, marks the eve of lent.

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Fasnacht in Basel, or carnival in Switzerland


The end of February and beginning of March – a time of carnivals in Switzerland. The best-known – the carnival in Lucerne and Basel. Unfortunately, this year at the carnival in Lucerne, we have not got.

Carnival (or Fasnacht) in Basel lasts 3 days and takes place a little later than in other cities of Switzerland. The two main festive procession held on the first and last days of the carnival and start at 13:30. This year they were on Monday and Wednesday(March 2 and 4). One of them we saw.

The protagonists Fasnacht – carnival clique (Clique). Each clique (the company) develops the concept of self-appearance on Fasnacht, sew costumes and make masks and perform in the carnival marches a few months….

The motive for the creation of some costumes may be important for the Basel city news, political scandal in the world “stars”  etc, etc.

This big yellow guy remind you of anybody?

Rabbits-mutants with a huge pink ears and stereotyped vengeance trumpeting about the issue of genetically modified foods.

The squad “old aunts” vigorously marches on the streets of Basel.

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