Zelenka in April: when will the famous festival
  For five years, the brilliant green fest has grown from a Ukrainian internal event professionals in full-fledged international festival. For the second year to the festival famous bands come…

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About the festival Odessa JazzFest
  The history of the International jazz festival in Odessa began with a meeting in one of the Odessa cafe in the City garden of the famous Odessa pianist Yuri…

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Weekend with children: family festival


May 24 14:00 to 20:00 in the Alley of Cosmonauts, ENEA family will be held the festival “Bright people”. Carnival costume parade, premiere performances, thematic workshops, colorful art objects and much more awaits you at the festival. In the Central area in front of the monument to Tsiolkovsky held more than 20 workshops. Children and parents will be able to learn the basics of robotics, paper-plastics, the practice of making ceramic products, learn how to create origami, masks and hats for the carnival, dolls and gift cards, to weave beads from felt and more. Here will be located and large-scale dance Studio. Address ENEA: Prospect Mira 119, metro: VDNKH.

May 24 at 10:30 in the Park “Krasnaya Presnya” for children from 2 to 14 years starts first outdoor children’s marathon “Run and scream”. The marathon will be participating charities donate Life and the Jackdaw and the children in your care these funds. The property will be placed boxes to collect funds for the projects funds. The marathon will be divided into three races: children 2 to 5 years, run 300 meters, children from 5 to 8 years – 1000 meters, and children from 8 to 14 years – 3000 meters. To will be awarded to all age separately, that is the best six-year-old will receive his own reward, and the best seven years. In addition to the marathon, Continue reading

Calendar of the traveler: the most interesting festivals around the world next days


Going on a trip, it is always useful to be aware of the latest developments and don’t miss the most interesting of them. Suddenly something will happen right next to you.

February 1 – Toulouse

In Toulouse opened the annual Festival of violets (Toulouse Violet Festival). Violet became the emblem of the city in 1960, when local perfumers and confectioners began to add the petals of violets in their products. Violet perfumes and sweets quickly gained international recognition, and Toulouse became a symbol of violets. In 2003 it was decided to hold the annual Festival of violets, which attracts all the major manufacturers of perfumes, liqueurs and sweets.

At the festival you can admire various species of this beautiful flower, try product manufacturers and participate in various interesting activities.

By festival in Toulouse has much to see in terms of architecture. This is one of the oldest cities in France. Numerous basilicas and monasteries, the beginning of the XI century, are open to visitors and well preserved.

To reach Toulouse by plane. And to stay in one of 170 hotels in the city.

February 5 – Sapporo

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Holidays and festivals in Ayia NAPA


During the long tourist season in Ayia NAPA organizes various festivals that reflect the customs of the local population, as well as historical, agricultural and cultural traditions of the region.

We offer to your attention in chronological order the major religious and cultural events organized in Ayia NAPA.

“Green Monday”

The holiday goes back to ancient wine festival held in honor of the God Dionysus. People going out in nature, usually in the area of Cape Greco, organizing picnics vegetables, herbs, seafood and wine. The holiday symbolizes the beginning of Lent before Easter.


Part of Easter in the Greek Orthodox Church is the procession of “Epitafios” or Holy Burial, held in the evening of good Friday. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the Church glorifies the resurrection of Christ. Youth igniting huge bonfires in the courtyard of the Church, to burn the effigy of Judas, who betrayed Christ.

On Easter Sunday afternoon service held in the Church of Ayia NAPA, at 12 o’clock, on Seferis square, opposite the monastery festivals. Tourists always try to take part in the celebration. On Bright Monday, the dance group of Cyprus and Greece take Continue reading