The Light show of the world
  The doctrine of light (optics) occupies among other branches of physics special place. If electrodynamics and atomic physics developed as part of the exact Sciences, the basic concept of…

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The Most beautiful holidays of the world
  12 fabulous festivals, visit one of which means to live a life not in vain. February 28, begins one of the most ambitious, elegant and fabulous festivals in the…

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Zelenka in April: when will the famous festival


For five years, the brilliant green fest has grown from a Ukrainian internal event professionals in full-fledged international festival. For the second year to the festival famous bands come from Europe. Ukrainian participants of the previous festivals actively invite other international events.

“One of the important tasks of the Festival is to enter Ukraine in the international dance community. Of course, to find and preserve their own individuality. It is essential to the development of contemporary dance in Ukraine. And we are succeeding. For example, for the second year in a row we attract well-known foreign choreographers to create works with Ukrainian dancers” .

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The Most “delicious” summer festivals


Gastronomic tourism in recent time is very relevant. Fans of Haute cuisine can choose festivals for every taste. We invite you to visit the most interesting gastronomic festivals in the world that you can still catch this summer.


West Dean Chilli Fiesta

In the beautiful gardens of West Dean, near Chichester, West Sussex, from 5 to 7 August festival West Dean Chilli Fiesta Yes, the name of this festival is not just an advertising trick – the chili really grown in Britain, in special greenhouses. Moreover, this chili is quite full in culinary terms. Here guests will be treated to introduce you to Latin spices. At the celebration of 150 stalls will be selling spices. Visitors will present more than 200 varieties of chili pepper, dishes with pepper (chocolate, beer) and a lot of amazing dishes.

If you want to try something really quite unusual, then you should definitely attend this event.

Input: £8.50 Friday, £10 on the other days.

Great British Beer Festival

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Honor of the great Victory Day – All scenarios

The children and Ms. page groups dedut rebuilding under marsh.

Of the Vedas. Today we gathered together to celebrate the great holiday “Victory Day”. Many years ago on June 22, 1941 on our Homeland was attacked by the Nazis. And not only soldiers, but also the entire nation, the entire country came to the defense of our homeland. Many holidays we celebrate,

All dance, play, sing.

And the beauty of the autumn meet,

And elegant Christmas tree waiting.

But the holiday one is the most important

Victory day is a solemn, glorious,

Notes his whole country.

(song page “When veterans are on parade” lyrics. and the muses. M. Sidorova – sing standing in a semicircle).

1st REB. “No!” — we declare war

The 4th child. The sun is shining, the smell of bread,

The forest rustles, river, grass.

Well under a peaceful sky

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